Alleged Cop Killer Shot Dead

A Seattle, Wa. manhunt ends with a shootout between police and the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, who may have killed four police officers.
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25 Responses to “Alleged Cop Killer Shot Dead”

  • pengee0419:

    @mrrushure good point

  • TheJomogogo:

    Stupid shit that nigger would kill you and your family for the change in your pocket and you call him a hero?

  • MrAndrew2311:

    hes a legend!!


    Clemmons R.I.P You were a hero to many in this nation. Seriously in Bay Area, California people were literally cheering when we heard 4 cops had been killed.

    Cops had shot a 11 year old boy in the back here in california and got off free. The cop said his gun accidently misfired.

  • cimasgro:

    Police that kill police officers are cowards and scum. Everyone one of these people, just like this piece of crap Clemmons, needs to die.

  • denniscook123:

    people that kill cops are heros,they give their life to keep us safe from cops out of control. More people should kill cops most are drunks,divorced ego driven cowards that use a badge to hide behind. want justice? kill a cop

  • SteveSmith26:

    Cops should kill more niggers. If they riot, then they should kill even more of them. That’s a good reason why people pay taxes.

  • ToneProjectTV:

    I feel sad that he died…He was on a mission to kill cops…He’s a hero in my book

  • pengee0419:

    You know, if you look at peoples screen names you can see just what type of person you will be dealing with. In many cases they are morons

  • PhoenixDragon90:

    o wow he is black like i didn’t see that coming

  • 31Bravo10:

    @cookcocaine479 I don’t have to, because I personally know all of the cops in my is a close friend to me. You should stop judging all police because of one or two crooked ones. I know dirty cops exist, but I only look at the good ones.

  • XPsychoBurgundyX:

    Again, if Huckabee ever makes a Presidential bid in 2012, I will make goddamn sure everybody knows that he forgave a convicted child molester and gave him clemency. Regardless of your opinions about cops, I’m fairly sure we can all agree that we do NOT want somebody who let a rapist out of prison to be anywhere NEAR the White House. At least, I hope so.

  • XPsychoBurgundyX:

    @Resdim He’s a pedophile that raped his own niece, you know. Just letting you know that upfront. Even if you hate cops so much that you think he was right to kill them or whatever you believe, the fact that he raped his own niece should automatically negate any positive opinions you have of him.

  • XPsychoBurgundyX:

    @cookcocaine479 Because he raped little kids as well… He raped his own fucking niece. Maurice Clemmons is a pedophile piece of shit, and I fucking ABHOR pedophiles. Do the math… I don’t believe in hell, but if there is one, I DEFINITELY hope he’s suffering in one right now.

  • cookcocaine479:

    @31Bravo10 How do you know he is burning in hell? Are you god or something? If hell really did spawn him, dont you think he would be happy there because he came from there… now that wouldnt be a punishment would it? Your no different then him, because both you and him hate for a reason… just on opposite ends.

  • cookcocaine479:

    @31Bravo10 I dont like police, many of them are crooked. Some are worse then criminals because they steal from criminals without doin the actual crime. Next time your in need of help why dont you find out if that person is a criminal first then.

  • 31Bravo10:

    @Resdim If that’s how you truly feel, you belong in a mental home. Criminals want to kill you and/or your family, but I guess you’re just fine with that considering you “hate” police. Next time you need the police, don’t waste our time, because you hate us. Have a nice day and thank you for paying our salaries with your taxes…that is if you even work.

  • 31Bravo10:

    God bless these fallen officers and their families. As of now, Clemmens is burning in the hell that spawned him. Rest in piss clemmens, you fucking animal.

  • MrRUShure:

    @alicia797 You still have not answered.

  • josephortizgarcia:

    @MrRUShure oh, don’t be so hard on him.

  • Resdim:


  • Jeffrosplace:

    “Part of our plan is gong to make everyone’s life miserable”

    So instead of acting civil, they decide the best course of action is to harass people that had nothing to do with the crime, by invading their homes and threatening their lives with assault weapons.

    You hear this coming from the mouth of a sheriff and wonder why people don’t give a shit.

    To receive respect you have to show it, and I haven’t met one police officer that has any respect for anyone other than a fellow police officer.

  • CTMotorcop:

    @GuapChasa53 Why don’t you first lose the ghetto talk and then tell us what you are really trying to say

  • GuapChasa53:

    fuck the police bitch he was ridin fuck your mother

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