Video Of School Board Shootout – اطلاق نار في مدرسه

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the homie and I were sitting in the kitchen talking when we heard multiple gunshots. after a couple minutes, we realized that something big was going on up the street. so we headed to the living room and we saw cop cars converging on the street. We began shooting this video about 5 minutes into the shootout half a block away from the shoot out. Audio is probably more descriptive than the actual video because our window faces the freeway but the trees and darkness blocked our view. plus we were NOT trying to get shot!

25 Responses to “Video Of School Board Shootout – اطلاق نار في مدرسه”

  • xx510xeckoxx:

    ya think this crazy.. go to afghanistan kunar province. survived that bitch twice..

  • zjk911:

    you idiot!!! they are in a gun fight!! you think they are stressed? why don’t you grab a gun and go join the gunfight and direct traffic!!!

  • FourLokoAddict510:

    Was this the shooting thar happened on the freeway with the CHP?

  • fazelife:

    Y’all brave for capturing this.

  • 123karismith:

    Man! that must have been scary, one lone nut shooting at the cops! I love the comment almost at the end……We need more cops….ain’t that the truth. Glad you guys didn’t catch a stray bullet. Thanks for posting this.

  • lcs95:

    yo put me into that acttion that sounds like mad fun

  • oodeffoo:

    sks and an ak are the same thing u dumb ass’s …a sks doesnt have a pistol grip…learn ya guns nig’s

  • pimplaylay:

    that is a sks ak 47 sond is deper are somthing

  • hkpopfan4lif3:


  • dblockmoney34:

    they not goin to call for back up or helicopters??

  • fredsfredX:

    This is what happens when a Central Valley nut case watches Glenn Beck & Fox News.

    Maybe he’ll be the first to use the Fox News Defense.

  • JakDerrida:

    “I would’ve never started watching Fox News if it wasn’t for the fact that Beck was on there, and it was the things he did, it was the things he exposed, that blew my mind.”
    ~Byron Williams
    “I do enjoy Glenn Beck, and the reason why I enjoy that is because… no other channel will speak about the same things that he’s talking about, and if you go and investigate those things you’ll find out that they’re true.”
    ~Byron Williams

  • richcity5521:

    i would of instantly got down fuck all dat tapin and shit

  • goingpro14:

    fuck i got scared at 8:03

  • JKL1323:

    lol we need to get down bloodd

  • BayviewHuntersPoint:

    That’s some Oakland action to the fullest.

  • MiracleMile90:

    @GoldSkywalkern: You know, I do believe something like this may have happened in 1934. Ever heard of the ‘Business Plot’? There were some powerful people high up in the business world who weren’t happy with FDR’s reforms so they decided to try to overthrow this country……………thankfully though, a honest Marine completely blew their cover?
    His name? Smedley D. Butler.

  • MiracleMile90:

    @nyce611: Exactly.

  • BakeBoard:

    @Abrahnadurbrak common example of a nigger’s slang, you cant understand shit they say, they just mix up a bunch of words like 50 tyson.

  • glasshour76:


    The shooter was heading to an organization called the Tides Foundation to kill liberals. Its a small and obscure organization that was constantly demonized on the Glenn Beck national program. This shooting is just another example of the right wing terror that has descended on this country via the assassination of abortion doctors, assassination plots against politicians, militia rebellions against the government, and politically motivated shootings all across the country.

  • Abrahnadurbrak:

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  • BakeBoard:

    @Abrahnadurbrak your the one trying to act bad with your pointless insults that dont affect me, its just funny when i tell you facts, that you are a slave and a worthless nigger, you get real mad, are you mad?

  • Abrahnadurbrak:

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  • BakeBoard:

    @Abrahnadurbrak porch monkey aint an insult its a fact, you ugly monkey faggot yell all day on your porch, dumb illiterate nigger, god why did abraham free these slaves…

  • Abrahnadurbrak:

    @BakeBoard well you ain’t different from a red neck either nigga,porch monkey you learn from that fuckin movie kid?coz those type of insults sound like you under 16,and you keep your fingers stuck inside your ass each time you type

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