“What’s this milk in my chai?” Benamber’s photos around Bikaner, India

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bikaner, India by TravelPod blogger Benamber titled “”What’s this milk in my chai?”” Benamber’s travel blog entry: “It has to be said, India is not the quietest country in the world, especially at night. Every night we lay our heads to the sounds of incessant drumming from the nearby temples or the constant horns from the rickshaws stuck in traffic outside. However last night was different, last night we closed out eyes enveloped in absolute silence, a deafening silence, because last night we slept in the desert. This is Bikaner. The bus journey to Bikaner was so bad it was almost funny. We decided to catch the sleeper bus, travel through the night, and arrive relaxed and refreshed at our new destination, well that was the plan anyway. We had even booked a sleeper carriage, our very own personal space, our own bus bedroom if you will, to stretch out and go to sleep. what we got though was far from relaxing, what we got was a luggage rack with a curtain across, barely long enough to fully stretch out, we also had to store our bags in there too. There were no lights, no air con, no windows and no suspension, it felt like being trapped in the boot of a rally car as it raced around a track. We didn’t sleep, we just laughed. We like Bikaner, after the rip off merchants of Pushkar it is nice to wander around with minimal hassle. Due to the distinct lack of tourism the shop keepers reply more on the locals rather than
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