Hilo Hula

Aloha kakou, This is typical style of uke strum and drum beat for the hula dancers. It’s should play same verse 2 times each, but sorry this is too short. Uke, Percussion, Vocal: Yoshi Doi Drums, Vocal: Manto Watanobe* Videographer: Brian Elms** *Manto Watanobe Member of poplar stateless music band “Shang Shang Typhoon” in Japan. He can play many instruments also artist painter. www.shangshang.jp (Japanese) **Brian Elms Self-claimed “Lava Junkie”. You can meet him at the lava field on the Big Island anytime. And he recorded lot of lava videos. Ukulele: Kiwaya (Famous) FS-2P Pineapple Soprano model. All Plywood made. Yes, sound is kind of plywood…hahaha. image.webftp.jp I try around ten kind of strings then I found an Worth CH heavy gauge uke strings. It’s sound way better than others. Problem is too much tension for this uke. The top get warp immediately with this strings, dangerous!! You must loose strings when not in use. www.elderly.com Percussion: We try to make sound like Hawaiian percussion such as “Ipu heke” and “`Ulï`ulï” as similar one in a studio. Result? I know these are little bit ??? A hui hou!
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