A Teen Pregnancy Story -Episode 45- [in description box]

-At the mall- Danny: Let’s go to Forever 21. Demi: Okay. (walks to the store with her mom and Danny) Maite: Demi, look at that dress. Demi: It’s nice but I don’t really wear dresses. Maite: Well you should start. Demi: Mom. Maite: (gets the dress) You’re going to try it on. Demi: Do I have to? Maite and Danny: Yes. Demi: Fine but let’s look around. Maite: Okay. -After a couple hours of shopping- Danny: Let’s go eat I’m hungry. Maite: Where do you want to go? Danny: Let’s go to Duke’s. Demi: Yeah. Maite: Okay let’s go. (they go to Duke’s) You go get a table I’ll order. Demi: Okay. (goes to a table with Danny) Danny: Demi, I’m going to miss you when I leave. Demi: I know I am going to miss you, too. Maite: (goes to them) I ordered. Danny: Tía can I ask favor? Maite: Sure Danny what is it? Danny: Make sure Demi wears the dress to school tomorrow. Demi: What? Maite: Will do. Demi: I don’t want to wear a dress to school. Danny: Come on Demi you look so pretty in the dress. Maite: Danny is right. Demi: I’ll think about it. Maite: She’ll wear it. Demi: (cell phone rings caller id “Babe”) Hi Babe. Mitchel: Hello. Demi: You out of work already? Mitchel: Yupp I’m at my dad’s. Where are you? Demi: At Duke’s with Danny and my mom. Mitchel: Where is Josie? Demi: She is with my dad. Mitchel: Oh, I’ll see you tomorrow. Demi: Okie doke. Mitchel: Love you. Demi: Love you, too. (hangs up) Danny: Mitchel? Demi: Yupp. Waiter: (goes to table with their food, places the food on the table
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