A Teen Pregnancy Story -Episode 49- [in description box]

Later Demi: (walks into her house with Mitchel) Hi Daddy. William: Hi mija. Mitchel: Hey Mr. Levy. William: Hey Mitch, I see you have braces. Mitchel: Yeah, and I hate them. William: I hated when I had them too in Junior High. Demi: But look at you know, you have a beautiful smile. William: Yupp and so do you. Demi: Aww thanks Daddy. Where is Josie? William: In the backyard with Harry. Demi: Thanks. (walks to the back yard with Mitchel) Josie: Mama, Dada. (crawls to them) Mitchel: Hi Baby. (picks her up) Harry: Hi guys, Bye guys. (walks inside) Josie: (looks at Mitchel and touches his braces) Mitchel: I know Daddy has braces now. Josie: (smiles) Mitchel: Daddy has to go now or I’ll be late to work. Josie: (pouts) Mitchel: Please don’t do that I’ll be back later. (hands her to Demi) Josie: (starts crying) Dada. (reaches for him) Demi: Shh Baby he’ll come back. Mitchel: (kisses them both) Bye Babies. (leaves) Josie: (crying) Dada. Demi: Baby, please don’t cry. Josie: (calms down a bit) Demi: Want ice cream? Josie: (stops crying, nods and smiles) Demi: (smiles) That always works with you. (walks inside with Josie) Joe: Josie! Josie: (smiles) Joe: (takes Josie from Demi) Aww were you crying? Demi: Yes she was I’m going to get her some ice cream. (walks to the kitchen) Joe: Yum ice cream. (sits on the floor with Josie) Fatty: (walks up to them) Joe: Hey Fatty. (pets his head) Fatty: (reaches up to Josie and starts to lick her face) Josie: (giggling) Joe: (chuckles) Demi

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