BEADLES FINAL ACT – Jeremy Sings Elvis

A random test of the new puppet feature in After Effects CS3. Yes, he is wearing a cat as a coat, and thats the chest of a monkey! But no… those arent his real hands. UMmmmmm naughty! Being the king of pranks and jokes he would have laughed, and he would have wanted you to as well 😉

25 Responses to “BEADLES FINAL ACT – Jeremy Sings Elvis”

  • cristiandiazbasualto:


  • 3DMud:

    Read the “About this video” bit…..
    ITS A RANDOM TEST of a new bit of software (So i really dont care about the accuracy). It was made and posted WAAAAY before he died! Which only became popular because of / after his demise.

    If you are going to post a comment at least show the intelligence that you have read, understood and know what you’re posing about 😉

  • dannyry:

    Well it was one of his calling cards. If you are going to make a video inspired by the man at least show the intelligence to get one of the things he is most famous for right.

  • Violettuce:

    I live near Leatherhead. I’ll come watch. =)

  • pugonutube:

    That Phil’s a twunt isnt he.

    Didn’t bother watching the video, I just like it when people take ‘teh internetz’ too seriously.

  • maiden4ever:

    BAHAHAHAH go on then, go find some guy off the internet and beat him up over a 30 second Beadle animation posted the year before he died. I’ll still have a bigger cock than you.

  • darthpaul13:

    That was funny!

    I can’t see what people are complaining about. Even if it hadn’t been posted before his death, there isn’t really anything disrespectful about it. It shows him with a small hand?! But he did have small hand. Its not like it shows him raping badgers or shooting up liquid Ambipure. Get over it.

  • cultoffoamy2006:

    Does Beadle have monkey feet as well as a small hand. Poor guy. LOL

  • Violettuce:

    LOL. Let’s video this meet and put it on youtube.

  • 3DMud:

    I take it this is Phil?…. Youre aware that this is the internet yeah mate? I dont know why the fudge youre getting so worked up. The vid was made and posted BEFORE he passed away! Whats the problem?…

  • codenamecred:

    so matt u live in leatherhead at Sainsburys.
    when shall we meet i have joined myspace just for u.
    i will not drop this.

  • Rockerpope101:

    comments like what that Phil guy said are why I love reading YouTube comments.

    so many stupid people

  • 3DMud:

    So is the general opinion here on anything remotely funny /mocking posted on the internet about a celebrity…. in the event of their death (ie. IT WAS POSTED BEFORE THEY DIED) it should all be removed?… Coz thats gonna be a fucker to sort out when Steven Hawking snuffs it!! :l

    What about that star wars kid?

    What about family guy?.. they’ll have to re-edit EVERY episode of every series!!! 😮

  • ashill2901:

    Bwahahahaaaa!! 😀

  • spr66:

    What do Jeremy Beadle and a clock face have in common?
    One big hand, one little hand and neither one can make it past 59!!!

    What with the pneumonia and cancer, you can’t help but think life just dealt Jeremy Beadle a bad hand.

    Whats Jeremy Beadle and a fake Rolex watch got in common?
    One big hand, one small hand and they have stopped ticking!

    Poor old Jeremy Beadle. Still at least his hand can be donated to a child.


  • philcredidio:

    come and lets have a meet somewere you little wanker.

  • spr66:

    philcredidio = Cunt Brained Fucko

  • dazsmith89:

    Your right he must have a beadle hand, it really hit a fucking nerve with this fella, or should i say a finger

  • ashill2901:

    Yes I’m sure in their time of grieving they’ve come onto Youtube and searched for 34 second video’s containing your beloved Jeremy waving his deformed hand around whilst singing an Elvis tune.

    And I expect that they would be a shitload less offended than you seem to be. Do you have a little hand too?!

  • 3DMud:

    Well, just this phildildo guy really *rolls eyes*

  • dazsmith89:

    You really are a fucking failure, if you havnt noticed the video was posted before the great beadle died.

    I’m sure if old beadle was back alive for a day he would fucking frame you right in the face, hopefully it would be a steel fucking frame.

  • 3DMud:

    My mums still alive…. but more to the point THIS VIDEO WAS MADE AND POSTED WAY BEFORE JEREMY DIED!!!!! Get that into ya thick skull!!
    He could take a joke as well as he could give it! And fuck me did he pull some good pranks in his time!!! I used to love watching him on Beadles about when i was younger.

    You have no point to prove so what are you on about?…. This video doesnt make him any less of a legend!

  • bobjackson85:

    i think people need to take note of the date it was added before mouthing off

    ‘Added: 17 August 2007’

  • philcredidio:

    its ok i think we should dig your cancer Ridden mummy up and bum the maggot ridden arse of the old slapper and make a vid so we can all have a laugh at your expense.
    Don’t you think Jeremy had friends and family that have looked at this shite you have posted you fuckwit.
    oooh your so cool you have a laugh at people behind there back, in other words your a bully that love attention.

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