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  • SacredSocietyAP:

    PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT LADIES! You are worse than MEN!
    • 46.9% of non-custodial mothers totally default on support.
    • 26.9% of non-custodial fathers totally default on support.
    • 66.2% of single custodial mothers work less than full time.
    • 10.2% of single custodial fathers work less than full time.
    • 46.2% of single custodial mothers receive public assistance.
    • 20.8% of single custodial fathers receive public assistance.
    *U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO)

  • SacredSocietyAP:

    Women pay 33% of all child support that is paid out. The bad part is that 49% of women ordered to pay child support do not pay. Which is more than double that of men that don’t pay. It’s sad how society lets this go unnoticed and men take ALL the blame for children not being supported.

  • joseminano:

    don’t know what’s autism, some made up shit by doctors running around with some new shit… This kid has this or that… When I was a kid I never heard the crazy shit they got now. Attention disorders, the fuck is that. Just because a kid is a bit hyper than others he has some kind of a disorder. Put the kid in sports, something active. That’s where his gift is probably at, he could be an athlete. Take the child outside, have him throw or kick a ball. So if he has autism, he’s mentally retarded?

  • trevor4943:

    I get a whole whopping 344 a month for two kids and one has autism so whatever dushe bag!!!!!!!!!!

  • usmcoth:

    Are you talking about “Dead Beat Dad’s” or are you also referring to “Dead Beat Mom’s”? Father does not mean alimony or child support. Mothers and the Kids 4 Cash (or Babies 4 Bank) and Bodies 4 Booty schemes are holding children hostage. This is why 50/50 custody is the way. Women want to kidnap the kids…Dad’s don’t pay child support. See 50/50 custody means that neither the mom nor the government gets rich while dad’s go broke because each parent pays when they have the kids.

  • Kez2success:


  • joseminano:

    That’s right… Child support is so fucking much it’s robbery for the lazy ass bitch could be sitting on her ass… There needs to be a change in the laws or the amount of money that should be sent… Bitches be using it for their personal use or to buy shit for their sancho…

  • plocusman:


  • JuanPapaNicolao:

    no offense ladies STOP USING YOUR CHILDREN AS PAWNS IN YOUR BITTER DISPUTES child support is not something to make fun of Child Support is some serious shit , those children do not need MONEY they need PARENTS you stupid cunts

  • MargieMama:

    So cute! Very funny idea and your girls did a great job.


    some dumb ghetto baby momma, gone burn in heel 1st calss

  • CollectChildSupport:

    If you’re gonna play, you will have to pay.

  • anonymousornot:

    100% TRUE… Better yeat 1 min video messages are FREE to send

  • titoxullman:


  • atinob43:

    Is it true I can send anonymous videos?

  • DeadHeart150:

    This has got to be fuckin ILLEGAL arent there some child labor laws that prohibit this type of treatment

  • originalnab:

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  • ilovemyrolltideroll:

    incredibly annoying video. i’m sorry but, why was i tagged to this? i don’t have children.

  • xxxJoshVxxx:

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  • xxxJoshVxxx:

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  • originalnab:

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  • OfficialThuggizzle:

    I Had To Use This On My Facebook Im A Single Father & This Is The Realest Example Of What It Could Come To I Wish I Thought Of This 1st Good Video…….Thuggizzle

  • CamillaCalamity:

    Oh, I misunderstood. You are calling your daughter a piece of shit. Well that’s different.

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