*READ DESCRIPTION* Sad day for all the fans, RIP, Ryan Dunn. The fearless Jackass sidekick, who made us laugh as one of Johnny Knoxville’s main prankster dudes, was killed in a horrific car crash outside of Philadelphia this morning, along with a still unidentified fellow passenger. The skateboarding stunt master had been drinking at a bar in West Chester, Pa., before the accident, tweeting a picture of himself with a beer just prior to the crash. So sadly, we say goodbye to Dunn, who made us laugh with his antics. Here are five things you should know about the lovable, bearded stuntman whom Knoxville today called his “brother.” 1. He Owed His Fame to YouTube: Before Knoxville came calling, Dunn was living near Bam Margera (then later with Bam) in West Chester, Pa., where the duo were part of the CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) Crew. They’d post edless hours of home footage of their group doing Jackass-type stunts without any safety nets nearby. They’d skid out in cars, kick footballs at cars driving by, jump off buildings, jump on beds, kick each other in the face and do insane skateboard tricks. Dunn later moved out when Bam got hitched. In another, Dunn is seen riding a bicycle straight into a car hood. Hurt? Sure looks it. But it’s funny as hell. Jackass producers noticed—it was these videos that got their attention and ultimately landed Dunn a slot on Jackass in 2000. Finally, in footage taken after Dunn became famous, he’s seen swigging an entire bottle of tequila on stage
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