This is me making a prank call to walmart and telling them that I am lost in the store. I call it TRAPPED IN WALMART. It gets very funny. I think this is one of the best prank calls on youtube but of course I would think that, I’m the one who did the prank call. I can’t believe that they didn’t put walmart on lockdown for this prank call. This prank call is super funny. You haven’t seen a good prank call until you have seen this prank call. I have done many other pranks but I think this is the best prank call I have done yet. I did other prank calls to victorias secret, cvs pharmacy, best buy, mcdonalds, burger king. Hell I even did a prank call to chuck e cheese. I like my cvs pharmacy prank call too but I think this trapped in walmart prank is the best. I convince the service desk that I am lost in the store and they have everyone looking for me. The poor cashier is really trying to help me find my way back to the checkout lanes. She thinks Im a little old lady or something. The cashier keeps calling me maam in this trapped in walmart prank call. Once you watch this prank call then you will understand why everyone in the world thinks that this prank call is the best prank call on youtube. This is a super funny prank call. I was going to do a prank call where I lost my baby or my kid in the store but I thought a prank call saying that I lost myself in the store would be a lot more funnier. I mean funny. I’m a grown ass man and I lost myself in walmart. That’s why I call

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