5th-Dimensional Camera Project

My approach to visualizing the fifth dimension is now receiving support from scientists at Oxford University! Dr. Simon Benjamin of the QIP IRC appears in this video. Thank you to Jon Ardern and Anab Jain (as “Superflux”) for their work in making this happen with their “5th-Dimensional Camera” demonstration. To read along go to imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com Other links from this vlog: superflux.in superflux.in imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com www.qipirc.org www.epsrc.ac.uk imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com vimeo.com imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com
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  • sm0ckr:

    @sm0ckr hmm ment the “looking around the corner” vid that led me here.

  • sm0ckr:

    @jwliang09 …yes of course, YOU know everything. (Ecce Homo!) Except for keeping an open mind it seems.

  • sm0ckr:

    …hmmm this almost makes me feel as if time is a shadow of the dimension above.

  • socratesrock:

    @jwliang09 Wow, congratulations, you’re telling us you know more than the scientists from Oxford who gave this idea of “fifth dimension as probability space” their support. You must be very smart if you know more than these people from Oxford!

  • jwliang09:

    @kllrbny I’m a physics student, This series of videos is not right. You guys can be amazed by the model he made up. But don’t fall for it as if it is really what the world is like. If you truly want to learn something about these subjects, learn it from physicists, not someone on youtube. If you (10thdim) want to argue with me, why don’t you go publish your idea in nature or something? Please don’t go around and fool people.

  • christiantjr:

    The Einstein quote you opened with is intriguing to me. Space and time are only modes by which we think and not actual conditions in which we live. It’s clear from your animations and discussions that all dimensions are either spatial or temporal. This leaves me thinking that ALL dimensions are simply something we think about, not what actually exists.

    Am I off base here? I feel you sort of alluded to this in your “jumping jesus” video also.

  • synchromorph:

    @An1MuS Interesting that Dr. Timothy Leary considered the fourth (of eight) neurobiological circuits to be the social-sexual circuit which is basically memes and genes.

  • 10thdim:

    @kllrbny As I said, Oxford’s Dr. Simon Benjamin is associated with the QIP IRC, google that. The Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Project is a collaboration between 12 major universities including Oxford, and Industrial Partners such as HP and Toshiba. Is the camera a speculative presentation based upon what might be possible? Of course, I make no other claims. But the underlying theory presented in his video is directly related to my description of the fifth dimension.

  • kllrbny:

    Just to clarify things for those who don’t bother to click the links — the 5th dimensional camera is a purely FICTIONAL ART PROJECT, and the letter he’s reading out was written by an Art School grad and a self-taught web developer.

    Even if they were in contact with quantum information scientists, extra dimensions do not appear in ANY quantum physics.

    Their project is fun and creative, but has no basis in any sort of actual science or physics. Using this for “proof” of his ideas is just sad.

  • cookieDaXapper:

    the only way any human could perceive another possibility is in slumber. our stance is limited, after all we’re only 3-d’s.

  • AsPinkAsAPanther:


  • akropiss:

    i finally understand LOST

  • neggflash:

    you are saying that there are multiple universes, and each universe have all the dimensions wich conform the reality of that universe, and all those dimensions doesn’t let a person to go out of its space, and the time defines all of the universes and dimensions?????
    someone clear my question

  • Gokiza:

    The display of this proposed/fictional 5-D camera reminds me a lot of the large amount of screens behind the Architect in The Matrix Reloaded. On those screens he could monitor each and every possible outcome for Neo’s responses to his questions, and each screen had hundreds of smaller screens in its background. Very interesting stuff, thanks again Rob.

  • TotalGameMaster:

    man i would like to see this guy rllly rllyl pissed it would be funny

  • nomorejournos:

    Addition to my previous comment:
    As our capabilities to improve our own situation towards a goal of perfection increases, our need for higher intellectual stimulation also increases. Which, to me, seems like we are creating our own problems. Right now this is all very interesting, but I could easliy see our species ultimatley choosing De-Evolution, in an attempt to find a FINAL END, that may not actually exist. This attempt may be what creates our universe in the first place. All is One

  • nomorejournos:

    For all the tremendous good this could some day bring about…there is also that much potential “bad” out there that could create unforseeable problems.
    I am a subscriber to the idea that “good” and “bad” cannot exist without each other, and that as you chase one, the other will interfere with the your ability to have ALL of one without the other in permanance over all dimensions.
    Simplicity is equal to Complexity in this way, because the results are likely to be the same “chasing a dream.”

  • choongification:

    ow many bumbaclot dimensions exist der. mi ‘ed feel swell wid all dis raasclat

    from Prof Herbert
    Quantum Electrodynamics Dept, Portland University, Jamaica

  • JaredRandomness:

    Ok, these videos are boring. Why are there no examples of what these dimensions might look like? If it’s because we may not be able to perceive them, then ok, but at least try to show it.

  • snazzykazzywazzy:

    When was this video made? It’s already been done in a better way by watchin “the matrix 3” where Neo meets the Architect. His choices – 5th dimensional states are all played on mini screens around the room, showing his choices before he’s made them.

    Is this not the 5th dimension, many states (same frames with differing states) of the 4th dimension at once in one moment in time?

    If looking at the clip I mentioned you’ll notice that your shown, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional views / states.

  • 10thdim:

    @An1MuS I say time is a direction, not a dimension. In my original animation I say that from our perspective its better to refer to the 4th as duration, this perspective makes it easier for us to acknowledge that for 3D creatures there are two directions in the 4th dimensions, time and anti-time. But if we were 2D creatures we would say that duration was in the 3rd dimension, and so on. This is in a number of my vlogs including What’s Around the Corner:

  • An1MuS:

    Rob, how can you say you don’t count time as a dimension when the 4th supposedly is the timeline from our past to present and future? What is the 4th dimension then, if not time? That’s what i remember from yourr original videos explaining the dimensions. Thanks.

  • FearThisChannel:

    Is their experiment accepted by the scientific community? I mean, are they sure there are no errors or bad results?

  • FearThisChannel:

    I find it strange that the Copenhagen interpretation is above the Many-Worlds interpretation. I personally think that the Many-Worlds interpretation is much more plausible.

  • ManelRuivo:

    the difference between that scene in matrix is that the movie insinuate that scenes already happened in the past, and neo is just a bug that happens once in a while.

    if was a fifth dimension cam, all that neos was talking with the architect at the same time.

    shit!… in certain way that makes sense too! O_o

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