Cristy & Patrick’s Wedding: The “Big Bang” Wedding Toast

My toast to Cristy and Patrick as the “Man of Honor”. If anyone decides to use this for their own speech, I’d love to see your video; just send me a message or post it as a video reply. Transcript: Hello. My name is Joe and I’m the brother of the bride and the designated Man of Honor. Cristy and Patrick are really lucky to have found each other. But just how lucky were they? In order for Cristy and Patrick to have found each other, a lot needed to happen. First, Patrick had to decide to leave the nest of Virginia and make his pilgrimage to Florida in the search of true love. Cristy, on the other hand, had to have the right friend at the right time arrange the right meeting at the right bar. Going further back, Patrick’s mom’s parents had to decide to uproot from Georgia and settle in Virginia, where Valerie would eventually meet Steve. Meanwhile, Cristy’s grandparents had to decide to leave everything they owned behind and flee the oppressive Castro regime. Back, further and further in time, Europe, Rome, Pyramids, Neanderthals, Great Apes, Primates, the first funny looking land-dwelling tetrapods, all the way back to the very first single-celled organisms, Cristy and Patrick are the result of a solid, unbroken line of 4 billion years of reproductive success. No Pressure guys. :) But that’s just their luck in the last 4 billion years! In order for this happy couple to get together, they needed a perfect big bang with the perfect amount of quantum fluctuation, to cause the

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