The value of the unscientific. No amount of philosophizing makes up for the lack of it.

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  • EtherMagic:

    This is way to deep for me, me no comprenda what your getting at???

    I’ll try though…

    All I do when I love a girl is bang them , it’s as simple as that brother.

    They call me daddy, I call them slut-beast-hooker-bags, pull there hair, and spank them!

    When I’m done I hug em and tell em I love em! :)

    Then we start over with the bangin once they think I love em! :)

    Emotions go a long way with women! 😀

  • stillrubsthelotion:

    oh i know. his hair looks so pretty in this vid

  • Shadowstompa:

    Love you videos man.

  • RayAtheist:

    and AGAIN, you sir…… are hilarious!!

    i never said i was disproving shit, LOL

    and the last part of your comment, well …what can i say, thank you! =)

  • ZebraFeet:

    You’re so right, I can’t believe I couldn’t see it before. You effectively disproved the existence of any kind of god. And just for the record those were some pretty airtight arguments. I bow to your intellectual superiority.

  • RayAtheist:

    still very bad use of words, typical ? where? in youtube? in the world? U.S atheist? I believe not only did I say the truth in my statement but also I DID insult you, now quit being a cry baby ULTRA SENSITIVE theist.

    i lack ‘any’ logic? WTF!!!!!!!! ahahahahaha god, you make me laugh so much……..=)

  • ZebraFeet:

    Bad choice of words, typical would have been more accurate. You make no points at all, just insult and for some reason, although you lack any logic, you still think you are intellectually superior. You are a “typical” atheist.

  • RayAtheist:

    by the way what on earth is a ‘true’ atheist?


    hahahahahahahahaha, oh god you made me laugh OUT loud for ‘realz’

  • RayAtheist:

    it’s been said that for shit you give shit

    for a pizza, pizza

    for a dollar a dollar

    common courtesy

  • ZebraFeet:

    Spoken like a true atheist. Instead of making a valid point to prove me wrong you resort to insults.

  • RayAtheist:

    zebrafeet you have a zebra brain too

  • mjd9208:

    Expressing it mathematically would ruin it.

  • DrCruel:

    Love actually exists, and have a science-based definition. In short, according to game theory it’s a survival strategy – at its most primitive level, for the genome; in more abstract applications, for ideas or “mental state kinships” (akin to tribalism). Likewise the strategy and goal orientation can be defined and expressed mathematically.

  • shanikuzai:

    ZebraFeet: Could you elaborate on why love contradicts itself, please? I didn’t quite get your point.

  • exDeathex:

    lol yeah, bad day. My apologies.

  • shilohwillcome:

    wow, bad day? I hope you didn’t receive my comment as criticism, it wasn’t my intention. I thought it was interesting scene so I commented on it. Of course it is excellent, but this goes without saying.

  • ZebraFeet:

    Well I will admit the only entity capable of love would be an entity not bound by physical laws, namely god. But like I said in my previous comment, there are no logical constructs (that I know of) to discern god’s attributes. So your statement is just an opinion. But the fact remains, human love contradicts itself therefore it cannot be true.

    Take the statement: A = B and B ≠ C therefore A = C

    This statement is false because it violates the law of noncontradiction, as does love.

  • exDeathex:

    Jesus fucking christ this video was fucking awesome! Ok, now that i’m done swearing. I have to say the normal thing. I agree with you here. The video was actually pretty moving, considering the “state” i’m in. So I thankyou for that. I have been waiting for someone to say something like this, words which I cannot myself have said. Now I have it though :)

    To be able to do the loving thing, we’d have to be in a certain environment and to enter that environment, we’d have to have free will, right?

  • exDeathex:

    God IS love though.

  • exDeathex:

    It’s not fucking about how he was walking you FUCKING dumbass, it’s about what he was saying.

  • shilohwillcome:

    Hilarious, pacing back and forth in zero degree temperature, in the middle of the night, talking by yourself, holding a camera in your face, and smoking a cigarette.

    I wonder what the neighbors would think :)

    Interesting as always no less.

  • ZebraFeet:

    Two points I would disagree with you on are love and god. I don’t think love exists simply because by definition it contradicts itself and in effect it violates the law of noncontradiction.

    But I do think god exists. Whatever attributes you choose to attach to this entity are debatable but what is not debatable is that there is some source/creator that all existence sprang from and that can be proven by simple deductive reasoning.

  • WARPIG3989:

    i cant tell if you a seeing the holey gost
    or if it is somthing els but regardlis i defenty have to give you propes for smocking outsid and i fear the same things you do but the difrens is im cristen

  • FrostyPhilosopher:

    It seems to me that the eliminitavist physicalist will always have trouble describing things like free will, qualia, intentionality, etc. Words about particles, strings, chemical reactions will never capture the full content contained in the experience of “seeing red” for example. That’s why it’s still a debate. No matter how much evidence the eliminitavist musters, they simply can’t capture all the content of everyday language.

  • RayAtheist:

    the walking in the snow sound was delightful

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