FFP11 Plenary Sessions Diaporama

Quick diaporama of the plenary session of the FFP11 Symposium, General Talks Gerard’t Hooft (Spinoza Institute, The Netherlands) The emergence of Quantum Mechanics Anton Zeilinger (University of Vienna, Austria) Big Bang Cosmology / Dark Energy Paul Steinhardt (Princeton University, USA) Inflationary Cosmology on Trial Jean-Loup Puget (IAS, France) Ruth Durrer (Geneve university, Switzerland) Inflation and Dark Energy Dark Matter/Astroparticles Pierre Fayet (LPT, ENS, France) Joseph Silk (Oxford, England) The Dark Side of Galaxy Formation Pierre Salati (LAPTH, France) The Dark Matter Problem 80 years after Zwicky Particle physics and Fundamental Interactions Daniel Fournier (LHC, France) The LHC at CERN: start-up,very first results and prospects Costas Bachas (LPT, ENS, France) Signatures of String Unification John Ellis (CERN, Switzerland) Christophe Salomon (LKB, ENS, France) Clocks and Fundamental Tests From Entanglement to Quantum Information and Quantum Gas Philippe Grangier (Institut Optique Palaiseau, France) Quantum Information with Photons and atoms Michel Devoret (Yale University, USA & College de France, France) Quantum Information Processing with Superconducting Circuits Jean Dalibard (LKB, ENS, France) From laser cooled atom to Quantum Simulators Epistemology, History of Physics Jeremy N. Butterfield (Cambridge, England) The Uses of Infinity : Emergent Phenomena in Physics Frederic Helein (Paris Diderot University, France) Finite and infinite dimensional

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