Stuart Hameroff about Quantum Consciousness 5

Stuart Hameroff about his Quantum Consciousness hypothesis /theory … NEW: facebook community page NEW Debates&Lectures Webpage Debates And Lectures
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  • dragandrm:

    Part 5, again, an exciting subject by one of the key contemporary thinkers on quantum consciousness. But there is no conversation. The interviewer is totally lacking in skills of interviewing. This is about the speaker, not the interviewer. The interview needs to do some background research in Hameroff’s work to being asking competent questions. Check out some of Hameroff’s articles available on line.

  • dragandrm:

    First three parts were great. Four is a disaster. It’s a real shame that the interviewer is incompetant with interviewing. He is not prepared, rambles, interjects when points are being built, does not keep on the subject, has his own agenda, and just does a disgraceful job of letting the speaker make his points.

  • ShaneDawson225:

    the interviewer thinks the show is about him hes a legend in his own mind

  • elharagan1:

    This interviewer needs to go back to school. He does not understand much.Why doesn’t he prepared himself better so he doen’t have to interrupt so much. Part 1, 2, 3 are great but then part 4 and the rest, interviewer is a pain in the A….

  • doohgk:

    This interviewer is fucking retarded. He asks for metaphors to help understand it, but then he takes the metaphor and argues with it. It’s a fucking metaphor, why would you argue that its not purple, its a mixture of red and blue?? It’s a fucking metaphore for taking the building blocks of the universe and creating matter with it. STFU and let him talk.

  • Ericsurvival:

    I dont like this interviewer.

  • ml2792:

    I feel so dumb after watching this

  • tatsumakisempyukaku:

    Yo, it seems that every time that hamerroff says something profound and is about to elaborate on it, this interviewer just butts in and goes away from what really is important

  • DebatesAndLectures:

    lool ….

  • PattyCakes128:

    THIS interviewers is THE WORST

  • LittleFellaDynamics:

    That’s a genuine question by the way & not a repost…

  • LittleFellaDynamics:

    @HyperBorealOperator .. ahhhh .. but wouldn’t it take a level of quantum computation to allow for the capacity of replication required – I notice glial activity is not a mere reflection of neuronal activity (oohh which you already say is autonomous) so how do you think this level of interaction can be ‘simulated’ using normal computing methods??

  • LittleFellaDynamics:

    So surely the combination of classical computerized processing & quantum computer’s could bring about the birth of AI .. ? as an after thought of course

  • AtomSmashr:

    The interviewers interjections sometime seem superfluous and cause a distraction without adding any clarity to the discussion. Very interesting subject matter, this amount of depth demands a good nap to reflect.

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