The Equation – The Yes After Yesterday (Author Interview & Trailer) FULL Version

The Story of a young lad born to a wealthy family and shackled on a desolate island of colliding hierarchies. The lonely youth dreams of freedom, yearns for the stars, and contemplates the world beyond. The silent tears from his third eye decode History’s biggest treasure, Time’s Silent Secret: The Equation. Then, the young man leaves his beloved family and abandons his wealthy inheritance to travel all over the globe, with the aspiration of discovering his higher self and the future of life. A wandering philosopher … he experiences great adventures and even greater mental challenges. Failures, tragedies, struggles and surrenders lead him to seize the wrong decision and turn to the dark dimension of the spiritual world. Fast forward: thrills and dangers carry the boy to the brink of death…until the very last moment reveals a miraculous revelation. The youth touches the transcendence of the Light and achieves fulfillment. Join The Equation – The Yes After Yesterday! (Over 50000 Followers) (Youtube Channel) (Official Trailer) (Interview Part 1) (Interview Part 2) (Author Interview) (Official Website) Become an Ambassador!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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