Get Well Soon (Poodle Style)

To everyone that isn’t feeling their best, the crew at American Poodles At Work sends you best wishes, healing thoughts, and wonderful squeaky toys. Get well soon. This is the 9th day of my 21 Day Project. Click here to learn more about the Project: Byposting a video every day for 21 days, I’m hoping to gain 50 new subscribers by June 8th. As of today, a total of 21 new users have subscribed. With these videos I’ll experiment with different styles… tutorial, vlog, funny/cute dogs… Of course the videos won’t stop coming after the 8th, I intend to upload a new one at least once per week. Thanks for helping me accomplish this goal, and I hope you’ll get something out of my videos – even as an experienced trainer I still find neat tricks by watching other trainers work with their dogs, regardless of how simple or complex the overall task is meant to be.
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