2013 Solar Storm Could Cost US Trillions

FOX Business Panel Interview with Professor and Aerospace Physicist Michio Kaku – 2013 Solar Maximum Storm could cost the US trillions and set us back 100 years. Every 11 years, the Sun’s Magnetic Poles flip release a burst of radiation. Every 100 years, a monstrous burst of plasma emerges and can cost the US trillions of dollars in property damage. The 2013 Solar Maximum Storm would paralyze the planet Earth. A bill on Congress to provide 100 Million, to start reinforcing the high voltage transmission transformers and power stations, is stalled. In 2003, 14 power stations were wiped when a Solar Flare hit South Africa. The 2013 Solar Maximum Storm is what he physicists are worried about. For more information, visit www.NestLink.com
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posmedprodnet.webs.com Could solar activity cause a solar storm in the next 2 years and potentially take out the Grid ? Will we be prepared if our electrical grid were to go down ? How have solar Storms effected us in the past ? What has the US and canadian governments done to prepare us in the event of a solar Katrina ? posmedprodnet.webs.com

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  • LAClippersfan2:

    whos this native american fella

  • pogpog28:

    First destructive solar flare was recorded in 1859. Telegraph poles were on fire and telegraph network were down. After careful study, next event was already foreseen with 90% life wipe out but Scientists coded the actual date in Religious way to prevent people from panicking (late 19th century). Micheal the Archangel was the key where he defeated Satan and save the Earth from burning in Hell. 2012 – 1859 = 153.

    Search 153 that relates “Micheal the Archangel” in Google. You’ll be surprised.

  • WorldwideWakeupCall:

    Someone is suffering from denial. I trust JPL over someone who got a D – in science. LOL

  • WorldwideWakeupCall:

    @dehairlondon1 Where the hell did you go to school? LOL Are you an astophysicist? NO, you are not! Are you even 12 years old? 

  • dehairlondon1:

    Don’t believe it! This is fake ans gay!As u know this has no scientist real fact!

  • DrWeblog:

    Take a look at the latest data from NASA supporting 2013 – nestlink dot com/index.php/solar-cycle-24/item/3-march-2013-solar-storm-data

  • DoowopJohnnyBoy:

    Does this mean that the Sun will be reducing it’s Spectral class from G2V to G1V? if that is the right way inwhich the numbers go as a star ages.

  • ch0kexx:

    It’s actually expected for 2013, no one really knows if it’s going to be big or not – even if it isn’t I still agree with Dr. Kaku that we should prepare – be it 1-2 years to get ready, or another hundred, we should take action now. It’s basically like doing your book report before the date you have to.


    @2000yrCatholic Your god can lick my balls !

  • 2000yrCatholic:

    Repent, Pray! God Bless you.

  • Technikian:

    @HGSpaceTime “the sun could easy form an arcing plasma bridge via Mercury, Venus and Earth if conditions were right.”
    Sounds like its off a scifi movie. Explain?

  • HGSpaceTime:

    @Technikian I only know EE and Spacetime physics, any comments on astrological science would be chit chat speculation on my part sorry about your ass problem.

  • Technikian:

    Some astrological science.

  • HGSpaceTime:

    @SeraphiPod Your time machine may be a reality, my Electric Co. working on it now, Chilbolton ET came here in 2001 via warp drive which is like a time machine or rather Spacetime machine they left incredible technology for us. Seems they did earth recon and returned 2002 with message about earth future which I prefer not to talk about, anyway if they can do it we can do it.

  • SeraphiPod:

    Don’t worry guys, in just a few centuries or a million year, we’d be in a more damn very helpful technology (time machine)

  • HGSpaceTime:

    @Technikian What knowledge do i lack, please enlighten? Perhaps we can repair your hurting ass my friend. LOL

  • Technikian:

    Your lack of knowledge in this makes my ass hurt.

  • Technikian:

    Earth history says we actually aren’t due for quite a bit, hun.
    AENIMA said miniature.
    Its not the next actual Ice Age thats coming up, its one formed from the ice caps water pushing down the gulf stream, causing europe and surrounding areas to freeze over.
    Pole shifts actually don’t do anything, besides fuck up your compass, yes we are due for that. Shift of the crust is a different subject, and we won’t be due for that for more then two million years.

  • Technikian:

    Its gonna take nearly a thousand years for that mini ice age.

  • HGSpaceTime:

    @deanmullen10 You are so right , the sun could easy form an arcing plasma bridge via Mercury, Venus and Earth if conditions were right.

  • deanmullen10:

    @HGSpaceTime that burp is 3 times de size of the earth, ha dont let the size of the sun full u, dat eruption is still big.

  • Hothead56565654:

    lol my birthday is january 20 o_O

  • HGSpaceTime:

    Global warming and carbon tax both are hilarious, them poor dumb folks. lol

  • HGSpaceTime:

    @AENIMA42069 Your right, Earth history says were way over due for next ice age and or pole shift. Aliens came to earth 2001 Chilbolton, they signed there work with cross sectional diagram of single stage warp drive, just recently discovered how that bad boy works and currently prototyping. Believe aliens were telling us to build warp drives to save ourselves as they went on say MUCH PAIN, earth “TIME CONDUIT CLOSING”.

  • AENIMA42069:


    you better off stocking up on some cozzy sweaters and wool socks as it is far more likely that we will see a mini ice age. NASA just hypes this crap up every year to stoke the fire of “global warming” and all that carbon tax nonsense.

  • MrSircot:

    cmon solar storm, im gonna kick your ass back in space.

  • MrSircot:

    cmon solar storm, im gonna kick your ass back in space.

  • ddoojjaann:

    @straightcleaner Only though, that “little” flare is like 10 times bigger then our entire earth

  • TheUnNerved:

    look for the ejection on feb 28… huge.

  • HGSpaceTime:

    Just a small burp, Sun has been eerily quit over years building up energy for 2012 -13 solar crescendo THE END

  • straightcleaner:

    I think we need to send a lot of water over to that area of the sun and put that flare out.

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