SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: WTF?? (February 14th, 2012).

QUIET OUTLOOK: The sun is peppered with sunspots, but none of them is actively flaring. Solar activity should remain low for the next 24 hours with only a slight chance of M-class solar flares.

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    @budoracle – Wave frequencies produce heat, light, color and sound. The tighter the frequency, the closer to a state of inertia the energy becomes. Gamma waves are the first step from inertia into viable energy having effect on physical things. As the wave spreads, enlarges and slows, it becomes X rays, then infrared, (color spectrum), ultra-violet, microwaves, radio waves and finally sound waves. Need some type of device to capture the energy waves and translate into sound waves to hear it.

  • Skyywatcher88:

    @drkstrong confirmed

  • Skyywatcher88:

    @drkstrong I think you are 100% right…I have to get over to your channel and checkout you latest post…Have not had much time today…see you on the other side!

  • finalgenius:

    I hope this is the REAL calm before the storm….this would trigger the domino effect….cmon what are they waiting for.

  • drkstrong:

    @BSmithOKC They seem to have deleted some active ones too

  • drkstrong:

    @Skyywatcher88 They had a ssytem that worked and they seem to spend all their energy screwing it up. The problem is that geeks start these great ideas and then the MBAs take over and try to squeaze out a few more $s.

  • BSmithOKC:

    Cool background Music…

  • BSmithOKC:

    @drkstrong I think YT deleted a bunch of inacive accounts. In one day I lost over 19 videos from saved playlists that all said this vid is no longer avail because the users acct has been terminated. I still havent gone through all the playlists so Im sure theres probably more that I havent found yet.

  • DoYouThinkForUrselF:

    @drkstrong ya odd i had to resubscribe just now……did not know i was unsubbed…. =P

  • sukik9:

    @drkstrong seems lots of people have lost their subs too, something going on at YT…

  • livingproofof:

    lost cell service on feb 15th!! all day

  • rvermill47:

    Nice presentation. Thanks!

  • Skyywatcher88:

    @ETHIOLOGIST1 Great…every subscriber is valued here…It could be that they’re deleating inactive accounts..and making some changes…could have let us know by posting a message like they do when they’re doing site maintenance…shame on them.


    @Skyywatcher88 – Good news…you are both in my subscription list, so although it may not be showing on your page, your links are still in my subscriptions.

  • Skyywatcher88:

    @drkstrong I made a mistake…not 50, but, I lost 250 subs…maybe big changes coming!

  • JOHN27398:

    @drkstrong I DONT KNOW SOMETHING. thank you. please sub me to see if my cownter works.

  • painterQjensen:

    hope all you sinners had a happy darvin day, now stop pestering me, Im bissy playing civ3 its WERY important i finish my game nr 100,000

  • drkstrong:

    Yes I lost 100 subs in a day – I asked YT whats going – no reply. Is there somebody at the helm?

  • VoiceOfFr33dom:

    new movie justice league:doom, the bad guys fly a magnetic bomb into the sun to create a solar flare that will destroy the sun-facing side of earth and disable all power and gov’t to est. NWO… hmmm

  • 008808800:

    @roargathor Maybe o.O
    lol, but seriously, I’ve been waiting to see if 1402 will come around the limb again. It’s rare, rare for that to happen, but that region was a muthar, with long duration cme’s and I suspect we’re not out of the woods with it yet. Don’t ask me why I suspect this, I just wouldn’t be surprised if it did, the way it had been acting as it turned (the last cme it let off and was still growing)

  • budoracle:

    I wish I understood more of this dynamic interplay of vast energies. Such grand scales of astronomical audacity. Is there a frequency of vibration being produced by these events that can be reproduced in a range that we can hear in accompaniment to it?

  • DavidBylsma:

    NASA manipulating DATA? 

  • idropemdead:

    @felix3at where? cause i know the middle east ain’t loving each other right now haha

  • idropemdead:

    prepare cause the sun might be resting for a big eruption.

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