V IN AND ON ALL NASA OLD LOGO’S =THE V REFLECTING TO EARTH =ASTEROID and the supergiants main sequence . all rights infinite reserved to all finds &THEORY =beanoblack llp, in the 50’s we did not have as good of veiw as now of the supergiants main sequence =visit picture gallery there are pictures in the photo gallery of it =the worm or the meatball nibiru many large in the supergiants main sequence and the sun is in it right now also many pages of my comments hold stats on the supergiants main sequence & l list info on names of all local stars and asteroids =keys on my channel off tube = my site ANOTHER X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have detected another strong flare from sunspot 1283. The X1.8-class event at 2238 UT on Sept. 7th produced a bright flash of extreme UV radiation and hurled an inky-dark plume of plasma into space. Click to view the movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: This is the third significant flare from sunspot 1283 since Sept. 6th. All three eruptions propelled CMEs in the general direction of Earth. Not one of the CMEs, however, will hit our planet squarely. Glancing blows from the three clouds will commence sometime on Sept. 9th and continue through Sept. 11th, possibly sparking minor geomagnetic storms. Solar flare alerts: text, voice. STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: Sunspot 1283 is crackling with solar flares. Yesterday, Sept. 6th, the active region produced an M5.3-class eruption at 0150 UT followed by a X2.1-class event at 2220 UT. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this extreme UV flash from the X-flare: The flares produced waves of ionization in Earth’s upper atmosphere, briefly altering the propagation of low-frequency radio signals around our planet. Moreover, the two eruptions hurled clouds of plasma (CMEs) in our general direction. A preliminary analysis of SOHO and STEREO imagery suggests that the CMEs could sail substantially north of
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  • hantuinder:

    U to hipper try to understand easy relax take time to explane oke?

  • 17761984j:

    Thank you Beano, I believe I finally understand you now. Great information Please keep us informed. I look forward to your reports. Thank you again and Peace and Love to you and yours

  • kcdub0184:

    Great catch thank u sincerely bro!

  • kcdub0184:

    Holy shit the Vvvvv! its already that close! Pole that sent aware of the vdo researchasap!!!!

  • vuvvince:

    i didn’t felt anything was just playing my xbox

  • 950horsepower:

    Earthquakes and volcanoes might be slightly affected by solar flares, but the bulk of it is the result of hydrodynamics. Anything that changes the dynamic pressure on an area of the earth can apparently trigger a quake that was coming anyway. But it’s really way too easy to predict earthquakes when they happen every day, don’t you think? Every time that traffic light on the corner turns green, there’s an earthquake somewhere. Right?

  • EmergencyGear911:

    Full moon on Sept 11, possible Earhtquake! State of Emergency aka Martial law

  • midnitethewolfy:

    I’ve only experienced some pretty severe thunderstorms. Its wierd lately because we havent been able to see the sky for a few days, and the clouds seem awful low in the sky. During the storms at night, i like to look at the lightning, but havent been able to; it seems that theres a layer of clouds low in the sky that conceal the sky higher up, so when there were flashes, it was just a big blanket illuminated, the wierdest thing to ever see.

  • kaytebobayte:

    Who the F*** is the genius who decided it would be a good pole to put out there! That person should be deported out of this country! Along with all the other anti-America folks who are here taking advantage of our resourses and adding to our probelms. What a joke! AAARRRGGGHHH!

  • skywriter1962:

    BAN THE FLAG?! why not ban the POLITICIANS instead!!!!….. can’t reply to movinon04, so i will add here…. YELLOWSTONE!, i have been watching these thumbnails for a long time, and i have NEVER seen these graphs react like they are this morning!

  • skywriter1962:

    BAN THE FLAG?! why not ban the POLITICIANS instead!!!!

  • movinon04:

    HEY all just checked USA quakes- activity at -YELLOWSTONE- today is 9-8-2011 and we just had a– 3.8 –and a smaller one yesterday—- peace to all…

  • eaglefeather81:

    I think the earthquakes are gonna slow down while these CMEs approach the Earth, just a prediction im making, peace

  • zedubman:

    the USA is starting to implode…peace to all

  • pencriz:

    whitehouse law and vatican law were synchronized in 2005, maybe they want to put the papal alms in the middle of your flag!

  • MrStoneClark:

    @solitaire777 It’s blacked out?!?! Really?! I have the default layout… nothing special. No video – Yet!

  • solitaire777:

    @MrStoneClark …I’m just wondering what is up with your channel…why is it blacked out? You must understand that trust needs to be earned. Many people have been stabbed in the back by trolls who pretend to be what they are not. So surely you must understand when I ask…what is up with your channel???

  • danielgundert:

    Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hollowed Be They Name They Kingdom Come They Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread And Forgive Us Our Trespasses As We Forgive Those That Trespass Against Us and Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil For Thine Is The Kingdom and The Power and The Glory Forever and Ever Amen

  • offstart:

    @tatoott1009 Great answer! I love a good zinger! I am too old to say the new way, you know that “BURN” thing. As for us not being a republic any longer, well, we will just have to see about that won’t we? I don’t see the majority of Americans going down without a fight. I may be wrong, but in my neck of the woods, there is no such thing as run and hide. We are taught to stand and fight for what is ours! God Bless America, and no, before some idjet says it, I’m not excluding the rest of world!

  • MrStoneClark:

    @plaugewolf I know this… a British Colony via the FED! :-)

  • plaugewolf:

    you dont know as much as you think you do.
    the USofA doesnt exist its a corporation, and still a british colony.

    Europe succeeded in conquering the world

  • MarkJohnGibbons:

    Earth approaching object 11th September also AU Distance 0.1766 Estimated Diameter 180 m – 410 m Relative Velocity 10.77 km/s 38772 km/h

  • MrStoneClark:

    @tatoott1009 I am not a sheep dude! No offense, but do you know what a Republic is? The US of A used to be a Republic, now it is owned by lobby and special interest groups. Peace

  • MarkJohnGibbons:

    I wonder if the alignment with near earth object (2010 JK1) had any influence on the solar flare that was earth directed, Approach Date 9th September 2011 AU Distance 0.1349 Estimated Diameter 35 m – 78 m Relative Velocity 4.63 km/s 16668 km/h. Still 12 539 749.2 miles from earth is quite a distance though. Info from RSOE EDIS website

  • neutrino422:

    @vegaguy1 flares take 2 or 3 days to hit. these ones are slower so give them 3 days plus we are going to be recieving a high speed coronal hole stream on the 11th

  • hotcolorboy:

    am or pm?

  • tatoott1009:


  • mizzzjersey:

    Your getting good at connecting the dots

  • tatoott1009:

    @MrStoneClark o ok go back to sheep it will be over soon

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