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2000 Weightless Ping Pong Balls with Science Bob

Science Bob and 30 other teachers launched 2000 ping pong balls in zero gravity as part of Northrup Grumman Foundation’s Weightless Flights of Discovery program. Also joining us was Kerry Sanders of the Today Show. Weightless flight is accomplished by flying in parabolas in reserved airspace aboard a modified 727 aircraft. Each weightless experience lasts about 30 seconds. Learn more about Science Bob at Learn more about weightless flight for teachers at http

CD 2000: Stunt Driving School

CD 2000: Stunt Driving School

2000 balloons vs dorm room prank [HQ]

My friends and i got snowed in one day with 2000+ balloons. Needless to say hilarity ensued as we filled the room from bottom to top. Haven’t seen anybody pull off a dorm room prank like this one since we did it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

ghost riders – blues brothers 2000

blues brothers 2000 – ghost riders

WTC UFO Filmed In 2000

Footage of the WTC UFO filmed in 2000.

Kenneth Branagh – How to Kill your Neighbor’s Dog [2000 – Pool-Scene]

How to Kill your Neighbor’s Dog [2000 – Pool-Scene]

Re: Federation Of Light – 2000 Mile Long Craft Will Appear on Oct 14th 2008 ?

Video Cam Direct Upload

UFO Pictures 2000 – 2009

Collection of UFO pictures 2000 to 2009

The Cure – Siamese Twins – West Palm Beach 2000

Live from West Palm Beach, FL – May 20, 2000

UFO Filmed By Police Helicopter In Brighton England August 11 2000

Police Helicopter Chases UFO Over Brighton On August 11, 2000, Sergeant John Tickner and paramedic Sean Mitchell of the Sussex Police force were flying 1000 feet above Brighton in their helicopter. To their utter amazement, they saw an object begin to approach them from the left. Fortunately, they had a camera with them, and this was no ordinary camera, but a special police camera equipped with night-vision capabilities. They filmed the unidentified flying object as it first approached them, then swept past, unheeding. In shape resembling a compact cylinder, it did not look like any conventional aircraft they had ever seen. Intrigued, they decided to give chase to the object and set off after it in their helicopter, filming it all the while. They pursued it for three minutes before losing track of it, using the camera continuously and even switching to a thermal-imaging view at one point. Reaction to the Brighton UFO Sighting Surprisingly, although the police officers joked among themselves about little green men, they apparently did not take the sighting very seriously because they failed to report it. Possible proof of alien life is no big deal, after all, is it? Perhaps they feared a loss of credibility with their superiors. It was only 2 years later, in 2002, as John Tickner was approaching retirement, that he chose to disclose what had happened. A documentary was being made about the normal (not paranormal) work of the police helicopter, and the pilots laughingly

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