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Choke Your Chicken-Village Dodge Hudson NY TV Spot 2007

A funny Commercial, that depicts the famous crazy chicken it”s ongoing car selling escapades. Village Dodge knows how to use TV correctly & with humour. Video produced by CANNY TV Productions& WYBN TV 14 of Red Hook , NY @ 845 876 -1212

BMP Fart Of The Day 2007 Winner!!

BMP Fart Of The Day 2007 Winner!!

2007 Grad. Pranks

here’s some of Phila’s graduation pranks

Mercedes C-Classe W204.Лучшие тест драйвы 2007

Quantum-Touch en Venezuela, Noviembre 2007

This is the very first Quantum-Touch workshop in my country, we had 26 students including 2 kids of 8 and 11 years old. Doctors, Homeopaths, Acupunturist, Energy Workers and more…
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Interview: Q&A with Bill Gates at CES 2007

Bill Gates talks to IDGNS about Microsoft’s plan to make the Xbox the centerpiece of the connected home.


UPDATE: The sequel is here! On October 31, 2007, some family and friends joined in for our “traditional” Halloween get-together. We have built up a reputation for putting up one of the most frightful Halloween shows in the neighborhood. Little did the newcomers know of the terror that awaits them….
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Ruckus Guild 2007

a group of School Kids decide that upon their final year of school they should pull a series of pranks in their final week. this video documents the planning, implementation and results of these pranks may they be an inspiration to all. remember, “life without risk is no life at all”
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First Assembly Senior Prank 2007

We found out about this prank by searching youtube for good ideas. Not original but well done. We went to school earlier that day and left the back doors unlocked. Got to school around 1 am and got done at 3am with about 20 people working. We did this the night before we left for our senior trip. We were two hours away on our way to NYC before they knew what happened. The teachers and students had to clean it up. it took the entire school about an hour to clean it up. I would say mission accomplished. if you are wanting to do this prank then some serious planning needs to happen. the only reason we got it done so fast is because we already had the entire plan mapped out before we got there. use this to get ideas and then show us what you got! the guy who filmed it with the super gay voice, taylor ps. RATE US 5 STARS WOOHOO!!!
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lip sync calabria 2007

we lip synced calabria 2007 and then jumped him
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