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Callin’ about the clowns

Just looking for a few decent clowns for a little bash in the City. Who knew good clowns were so hard to find?
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Richard Christy Calls About Wheelbarrow, Bookcase, Chair

Richard Christy Calls About Buying a Wheelbarrow, Bookcase, and Chair… but they’ve been sold (Better Quality)
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Ned calls Police Dept about there Helicopter Ride to get donuts

Ned calls Police Dept about there Helicopter Ride to get donuts

the truth about the meaning of life!

the truth of the meaning of life reveled and its not 42!

Arnold calls a travel agency and keeps asking about the guy they lobotomized

Arnold calls a hotel and keeps asking about the guy they lobotomized
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Trolling Part 3 Talking Crap About Pokemon

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Howard Stern Pranks Sal About Retiring 12-9-2010

Sal finally gets a taste of his own medicine!!!
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John Mayer Opens Up About Dating and His New Album

The one and only John Mayer dropped by the show today to chat with Ellen. He talked about his new album and about working with Taylor Swift, then opened up on what it’s been like to be dating in the public eye.

Vicious Animal Attacks: Rant About Wild Animals as Pets (Click link in DESC for playlist)

Playlist starts here: We watch everything so you don’t have to! We scour the web to find the funniest, weirdest, most popular and, most epic videos so you don’t waste your time. Just subscribe to your favorite genre(s): Comedy, Gaming, Lifestyle and Sports. Spotter hosts will bring the best of each category every week! Finally you can find out about those viral videos before your friends do! You may think animals are our cute and cuddly friends, but these animal attack videos will prove you wrong, dead wrong. Whether it’s a dumb woman who wanted to swim with polar bears, or an unsuspecting babysitter fighting off a protective cat. This playlist will remind you that all animals have a wild side. In this playlist you will find: Woman attacked by Polar Bears at Berlin Zoo Animal Attacks: 02 – Woman Gets Attacked by Lion During Photoshoot Mountain Biker gets taken out by BUCK – CRAZY Footage – Only in Africa Cat attacks Babysitter Kool G Cat with sound Bird Attack Extreme Action Compilation 7 – Animal Attacks

Artie Lange – PSA – About Gays

Official PSA about Gays from Artie Lange
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