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Actual Pranks: Talking Facebook w/Microsoft Worker, Distracting Him From His Work (Part 3/3)

I keep asking for him to add me on facebook again. He also talks about how he’s addicted to Gears of War 2 and he would play it all night, every day if he can 0_o PART 1 LINK: PART 2 LINK: Follow me on Twitter:

Actual Events 2010

These are just some actual events that happen to me and I reenacted for your viewing pleasure! Check out the Funny at the very end! Yes they really happened pretty much like this!
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Actual Pranks: Talking Facebook w/Microsoft Worker, Distracting Him From His Work (Part 2/3)

I try to convince him to buy a mac since I think mac is way better than a microsoft windows computer. I also find out he has a facebook account and he thinks almost everyone in the world has a facebook. PART 1 LINK: PART 3 LINK: Follow me on Twitter:
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Paranormal Phenomenon: Ghost Hunting Tips : Footage of an Actual Ghost Hunt

Watch footage of an actual hunt and learn about ghost hunting and searching for various other kinds of paranormal phenomena in this free spirit series of diy psychic education videos from our expert on house hauntings and exorcisms.

an actual exorcism

demons coming out of my friend
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Matthew Bartlett Flips off Ashton- Actual Footage-Casey Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony trial spectator Matthew Bartlett was found guilty of criminal contempt Thursday afternoon for flipping off prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

actual footage of a ghost on a new apartment

a ghost caught in camera at my new apartment
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This is an image i found while using Microsoft’s telescope. What do you make of it? I believe it is some sort of Alien Cruiser or Frigate. (Probably a Transport)


the following is actual footage from a security camera in Topeka, Kansas
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“TALUS” by Nutnfancy (‘Summer Snow’ Actual Final Part)

The Summer Snow adventure sadly comes to an end but not until some more adventure ensues. Our hike out continues, crossing streams, snow casms, boulders, talus fields, fallen timber areas, and lots of snow and mud. The scenery continues as well and it was majestic. But the hike is tough, having taken a different route out that added about 3.5 miles to the route…all with no trail. Lots of snow drifts still covered it. The wind kicks up too, gusting to 30+ mph. We press on and I decide to stop at the base of a huge talus slope for a rest break. We heat up some lunch and filter some water out of a fresh glacial water source (awesome water!). LastSuspect has some fun boulder climbing while Allie and I do the work (standard). An osprey hunts the lake not far away and we bid farewell to the lake as we make our way upslope to re-intercept the trail. I break through a snow bank into a hidden creek, getting soaked. We are careful not to sprain an ankle or break a leg in this treacherous section. Pressing on through the many fallen trees and obstacles, we reach the open trail (and check out some other beautiful glacier lakes nearby too). Finally we are rewarded with some downhill, on-trail hiking…piece of cake but lengthy. Allie is a great companion all through it all and we love having her along. And yes, despite my best efforts, she throws another shoe to be lost forever. We grab out cached supplies on the way down and call the adventure complete. This was an awesome

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