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Australia, Police Car ( local patrol ) Adelaide Suburb

They pulled me over for using my cell phone, so I thought I use the camera. The police car is a Australian made Holden Commodore sedan V6 3.6 litre. The city of Adelaide is on the southern coast of Australia between the great Australia bite and the state of Victoria. It is a vast state which goes from the mild coastal area to the very hot and dry outback of Australia. My web site
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King Con Polites Adelaide

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“Adelaide” Rainylin’s photos around Adelaide, Australia

Preview of Rainylin’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Adelaide, Australia Entry Title: “Adelaide” Entry: “1st: 15-17 Feb 2009 Flight Training School… Nice… It was a very exiting new experience to be a “pilot” for 30 minutes… 2nd: 19-21 Apr 2009 This time I just went to the same church right across the hotel, and go to Rundle Mall, and to the Central Market, where there is one Greek yogurt stall that sells veryyy niceeee yogurt…. yummmy…” Read and see more at: Photos from this trip: 1. “Feb 09: My Hotel Room” 2. “Feb 09: St. Francis Xavier Cathedral” 3. “Feb 09: Victoria Square” 4. “Feb 09: Pilot experience” 5. “Feb 09: Rundle Mall” See this TripWow and more at

Adelaide Ghost Hunters

Episode of Today Tonight that aired 8/2/2011 featuring Eidolon Paranormal at St. Johns cemetery hosting their ghost tour. Include interviews with Team members Allen Tiller and Ashley Hall. Presenter: Vassil Malandris
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In 2005 Stateline asked to do some filming with PFI about the work they had been doing for 3 years with the Old Adelaide Gaol. There was a further 2-3 years of investigation work after this show went to air. Although, PFI have evolved and changed over the years, it still shows how interesting, from a paranormal aspect, that the Old Adelaide Gaol really is. Please note that PFI’s thinking on orbs and our use of equipment has changed dramatically over the years so please don’t think this is representative of what and how we do things now. :)
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Nitro Circus Live Official Highlights Adelaide- Wheelz Mega Mix

Catch all the action from the sold out Nitro Circus Live show in Adelaide Australia with Travis Pastrana and all the of the Nitro Circus Gang. See Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham land the backflip off the Gigant-a-Ramp two nights in a row. all hale the new king of action sports

Ghosts Stories from the Old Adelaide Gaol – Paranormal Field Investigators

Some years ago, the show ‘The Weekender’ came in from Channel 7 to cover one of the Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tours for a Halloween Special. Alison and Jeff from Paranormal Field Investigators had the pleasure of taking the tour. Did anything happen… well what didn’t appear on the finished produce was the trouble that Channel 7 was having with their big expensive cameras. When they took them into one of the buildings in particular the camera failed… when they brought them out it started working again. It did this more then once and the story even hit the Advertiser newspaper here. What we didn’t tell them was that the building is well known for equipment malfunctions and drainage of battery power.

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