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The Adventures of Chris & Kellie – SHE SMACKED ME!!! – Ep. 3

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HOT! Ghost Adventures: Funny Moments

Who can resist McDonalds fast food? How about FREE McDonald’s? We have a free offer at : These are the funny moments of ghost adventures

PrankStars – Adventures in Dogsitting Promo

Raven Symone fan Jade meets her idol when looking after a dog. Summer goes to a fake flash mob dance audition held by Bella Thorne. Guest stars: Raven-Symoné and Bella Thorne

Tropang Tutong Adventures (Ang Pagrerebelde Phase 1)

The Proclamation ~Ang ginagawa namin kapag walang nakatingin.. .

The Super Awesome Adventures of HUNK – Ep. 2

Part 2 of our resident evil 4 parody! _________________________________ Episode 2 “The Devil Wears Discount Pants” In today’s episode… – HUNK gets more prank phone calls, and finds Jesus! – Leon learns why you shouldn’t play tricks on your friends, no matter how violently funny they are. – and Saddler shows himself, and reveals a dark secret. This is a very special episode, as the script was written by hyconafistarosticate (a very small amount of changes/additions on my part). he also made our sweet freakin intro! ^_^ Enjoy! please rate and leave some feedback.

Shark Adventures 6 April Fools Day

Rex plays pranks on people.

Ghost Adventures at Hell’s Gate and Bobby Mackeys

Read Hell’s Gate and The Terror at Bobby Mackey’s Music world by author Douglas Hensley. This book is the result of 2 and a half years of research and interviews. In the Amityville Horror the police and clergy stated the facts were not true. In Hell’s Gate several police officers, and clergy back up this story. This book entails demonic and ghostly attacks on Bobby Mackey’s wife, many employees and patrons of this nightclub. This book has been featured on Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans, The discovery Channel and their show “A Haunting”. This story ends with a real life exorcism that will blow your mind. The exorcism was filmed and written as it happened. Watch for the Movie coming out in the summer of 2009, Hell’S Gate based on this book. Look for the story on youtube under Ghost Adventures and “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel. You can buy Hell’s Gate at any online bookstore such as barnes and noble or or visit author Douglas Hensley’s online bookstore @

Schrödinger’s Cat – 60-Second Adventures in Thought (6/6)

Free learning from The Open University — This famous experiment tackling quantum theory involves a cat in a potentially lethal box. (Part 6 of 6) Playlist link – — Study ‘Philosophy’ at the Open University: —

The Adventures of Matt, Max, and sleeping Barry

SUBSCRIBE :) we mess with my friend barry while hes sleeping 😉 hehehe
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Pokemon Plush Adventures Episode 5: The Prankster

READ FIRST The first bunch words were cut out of the video at the beginning. Here is the script of the words that got cut off: Turtwig: Wait, how can you two be brothers? Noctowl: Well, it wasn’t really a weird genetic effect. We didn’t have two Noctowl parents. Actually, Dad was a Noctowl(END OF CUT SCRIPT)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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