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Remote Control Alien Prank

Behind the Scenes From the prankster behind The Scary Snowman we bring you our new channel with all new pranks! We got this little guy from a costume shop, had our good buddy Mike Mozart from paint him up to make him a little more scary. Then attached him to a remote control car stuck a wireless mic on him and got our prank on! This video was filmed on Thayer Street in Providence Rhode Island. Twitter @ripfilms Music by
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Has Evidence for Alien Life Been Found?

Has Evidence for Alien Life Been Found?. Fossilized alien microbes have been discovered in a sample extracted from a meteorite.. You can find the entire video and more info at
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Predator Alien Prank

Fake Alien Blood is created to prank my fiancee. I kill the power so the lights won’t turn on and jump out at him with a mask on. He screams like a little girl!Facebook:
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Alien Prank Backfires

These guys start pulling pranks on their friends and it begins with harmless fun for the first couple pranks…and then… BRAAAAAAAAAAAA RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AHHHH!

Alien Prank Goes Wrong On RoomMate

This Prank Goes A Little Bit Wrong………..Obviously Made up ( FAKE ) But Awesome Still

Twin on twin alien prank

Elijah pranks Jeremiah with alien costume while Jeremiah sleeps
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Alien Prank Goes Wrong

guys pull alien prank on friend and joke goes wrong
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MYSTERIOUS SOUNDS OF THE APOCALYPSE WEIRD APOCALYTIC SOUNDS ALL AROUND THE WORLD MAYBE MASSIVE SOLAR FLARES SCARY SOUNDS STRANGE SOUNDS. Music & video by Gagare 1952 all rights reserved Moonfull publishing Socan Canada music composed by Didier Manchione Musicnews network 2012.
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Mercury UFO: alien space ship? magnetic field? super stellar love beams? or satellite dust…

rather large object looks like its about half the size of mercury, if it is in fact an object. seems to have an intricate structure whatever it is. apparently this satellite is taking its pictures in the ultraviolet wavelength. Which means that it is able to capture frequencies of light that are higher than visible light. AKA the photons (wave potentials) of the light are spiraling (or waving) or have more frequents per second then the rainbow we see. :) This is HI SECCHI-A from 11/30/2011-12/4/2011 “Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUVI): EUVI provides full Sun coverage with twice the spatial resolution and dramatically improved cadence over EIT. EUVI observes the photospheric magnetic field, chromosphere, and innermost corona underlying the same portions of the corona and the heliosphere observed by COR1, COR2, and HI.” the link:

NASA Rover Records Incredible Alien Structures and UFOs on MARS

The images looked at in this video were obtained by the NASA Mars Rover. They were taken from the following video which can be seen here: /watch?v=-4OwgRXgX_4
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