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Video #5 Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Crash Varginha Brazil. Aliens UFOs. … http … Video #5 Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Crash Varginha Brazil. Aliens UFOs. Varginha, Brazil, Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Crash 1996. Also this information was on the radio interview between Art Bell and Dr. Roger Leir on the 29th August 2004. (Coast to Coast Am) One of the reasons for the UFO cover-up, Is it seems to be a big and very busy Universe. And that being so, some of the extraterrestrials are way ahead of us Humans, in Technology, but also special natural learned abilities. And now I’m going to give you an example taken from two UFO books… 1. Timothy Goods UFO book called “Need To Know”. 2. And Dr Roger Leir’s book called “UFO Crash in Brazil”. True or Not, this is the information about one of the Extraterrestrials… One of the ETs got a fractured leg from the UFO crash. So, in a hospital with military personnel everywhere, A doctor there was assigned to fix the ETs leg. ================= Jims Space Agency Network… Or here… http ================= 1. At one stage the ET, with it’s mind, started controlling the doctors hands, to fix the leg properly. 2. The ET also telepathically downloaded lots of information into the doctors head, and 3. Their race of beings can heal any illness or injury just using their own mind or in a group. And that particular ET’s leg healed in 24 hours. 4. The ET also said, they felt sorry for us Humans because we lost direct contact with our spirit selves. And
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Watchers, Aliens, UFOs, Angels, Demons: Tom Horn on PITN (pt4)

Bible scholars Dr. JR Church and Gary Stearman recently invited Dr. Thomas Horn on their syndicated Prophecy in the News television show to discuss the ramifications of his new book — Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers

Are Aliens Real?

UFOs,Aliens, Are they real
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Vanessa Amorosi- Aliens & UFO’s

thought this fitted quite well
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ALIENS UFO 2012 Nibiru Нло Нибиру инопланетяне

ufo aliens ufos auserirdische alien nibiru 2012 planet star mars Нло инопланетяне Нибиру космос nasa

Uri Geller Ufos und Aliens – kein Fake !!!

Dies passierte während der Pro7-Show “Uri Geller – Ufos und Aliens”. Kein Witz !!!
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Aliens in the Sewer-Something’s wrong..

What the H** is this??
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KirkTV Ufos Aliens Psychic TV

kirk likes to talk about Ufos and all strange conspiracy theories and alternative realties….you can watch his show – KirkTv live every monday night…on Manhattan cable…or @ – 11-30pm eastern /nyc time ch 57….on computer screens all over the world… Kirk is the electronic avatar and the techno guru of love…who channels love – light and wisdom… chk him out and get ready to get healed…. i love you kirktv Indigos herbal medicine xfiles aliens ufos lights Tony Robbins shaman lightworker healer aura bible 2012 peace bros!

Video #3 Who is Jim & Sir Gilligan Horry? Aliens UFOs Free UFO Videos Networks … http … Video #3 Who is Jim & Sir Gilligan Horry? Aliens UFOs Free UFO Videos Networks. PROJECT MOTHERSHIP ================= Jims Space Agency Network… Or here… http ================= This video gives a quick ten minute introduction to Jim, Jimbo, Sir Gilligan Horry, Sir Horry Patter. The more detailed introduction to Jim’s life and work is found at “Project Mothership”… or… http And… “AUYVN” … or … “Free UFO Videos” … or … “Aliens UFOs Free Videos”. And… ALT.ALIEN.RESEARCH … or … ALT.ALIEN.VISITORS And… ___ Howdy to dear Sir Arthur CBE Wholeflaffers ASA and the all the great folks in UseNet Newsgroups. ___ Jim’s Space Agency International World Famous Radio Video Show With Me The Great Wizzard Sir Gilligan Horry!!! Serious News & Funny News!!! Video Topics: Latest Truth News, Astronomy, UFOs, Aliens, Earth Ecology, Paranormal, Art, Fashion, Health, Technology, Funny Videos, Serious Debate, Technology, World Events, And Great Friends!!! I am a big fan of Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM Radio, The Kevin Smith Show, The Jerry Pippin Show, Florida UFO Radio with good friend Jamie Havican, Open Mind with Bill Jenkins, and The Lou Gentile Show. Greetings to friends… BigSteelGuy, DennyFromSpaceAgain3, LisaLovesLove, and many other friend’s YouTube channels, I will update this soon. Also special greetings to all my friends in UseNet NewsGroups! I
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Merry Christmas to Aliens!

One group of species that gets neglected everytime around Christmas is extra terrestrials. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
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