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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! :) * I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE CREATOR OF THE SONG AND THE PRODUCER* So the first little bit of the vlog is from over the summer of 2011 with my little cousin Christopher who you saw in the previous vlog. At the end of the video also, you’ll see some pictures of my 2 best friends, Morgan and Alissa! I love them so much, they help me through so much. You’ll have the honor to see them in future vlogs don’t worry everyone! Enjoy the vlog and like/favorite/share with your friends or family! Last Vloggity: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Tumblr: Facebook fan page coming soon! Stay tuned :)

Angels, Ghosts, Crystals, & Aliens- A Conversation with the Author of Journal of a Starseed

Interview recorded 6/26/11 with Charis Brown Malloy, author of Journal of a Starseed, on Sunday Morning Live with host Isidra Person-Lynn. Topics discussed: spiritual awakenings, psychic ability, aliens, UFOs, extra terrestrials, crystals, energy healing, Reiki, ghosts, exorcisms, angels Read the first 2 chapters of Journal of a Starseed at Find Charis Brown Malloy on facebook at **Artwork used in this video was found in the public domain and is not owned by the video’s creator**
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Watchers, Aliens, UFOs, Angels, Demons: Tom Horn on PITN (pt4)

Bible scholars Dr. JR Church and Gary Stearman recently invited Dr. Thomas Horn on their syndicated Prophecy in the News television show to discuss the ramifications of his new book — Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers

Nephilum, UFO’s, Devils, Demons, NWO , Fallen Angels

TRUTH REVEALED: if you are “non-white” this information is for you. White people are Cain’s offspring. They carry the Mark of Cain with their flesh!, The “Mark of the Beast” is accepting white people WHO ARE OF THEIR FATHER SATAN OR THE DEVIL in YOUR LIVES and turning away from THE TRUE GOD OF COLORED PEOPLE ISRAEL (not the false white jews in the false place israel)! If you are a non-white person who follows and accepts Cain and their ways you have accepted the “Mark of the Beast”! The Mark of Cain started in the Garden of Eden or the place that God made orginal man… which is the colored man. Cain’s father is satan, satan conceived cain with Eve, the mark that identified satan’s children is the “Mark of Cain” or the “permanent curse of white skin with white facial features”!! WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE HEBREW WORD Tsaraath (Defilement) which is EVIL. THE WORD TSARAATH was falsely translated into Leprosy by the evil church system run by ROMANS to this day IN ORDER TO CONFUSE YOU SO YOU WOULD NOT LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM!! CAIN CALLS THEMSELVES JEWS AND ARE NOT THEY ARE THE BODY OF SATAN HIMSELF! Revelation 2:9 I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan NOTICE: CAIN IS NOW IN THE PROCESS OF SETTING UP FEMA CAMPS FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR WORLDWIDE THE WHITE MILITIA’S AND THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD WILL WORK WITH SATAN TO PUT OUR PEOPLE IN THESE CAMPS. THOSE THAT DON’T FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS AND WILDERNESSES OF THE CONTINENT YOUR
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The Witnessing of Angels

A fascinating exploration of whether angels actually exist.
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The Truth About Angels & Demons part 4

The Truth About Angels & Demons
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The Black Angels- You On The Run

Artist: the black angels, Song: you on the run, Album: Directions to see a ghost

The Outlaws – Angel’s Hide

The Outlaws – Angel’s Hide from Ghost Rider
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Aliens (9) Angels: Unearthly Guardians 7/7

Playlist Biblical texts and ancient lore frequently describe winged creatures carrying messages from the heavens. But are angels merely the product of mankind’s imagination–or do they really exist? If so, where do they come from? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the Bible’s Old Testament reads like a handbook on extraterrestrial visitations. Accounts of angels can also be found in Islamic and Indian texts. Infinite stories around the globe describe unearthly guardians, entrusted to both observe and protect as well as tales of powerful warriors bringing about everything from plague to peace. Are angels really supernatural beings from heaven, or something more? If so, might angels really be travelers–visiting Earth from distant planets? “Ancient Aliens” History Channel: Featuring Erich von Däniken, George Noory, Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Childress and others. Enjoy! More information: Welcome to the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research! The AASRA Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association Chariots of the Gods? Did Aliens visit Earth in the remote past? Are modern UFO reports old news? Were we already visited in Ancient Times? Is there evidence of Alien Technology? Do the Holy Scriptures refer to Alien visitors? The short answer is yes! Read on… The AASRA is a forum for those who have an insatiable curiosity about our past and an intense desire to understand the world’s many mysteries, whether by
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Ancient Aliens Fallen Angels

More UFO Hunters: Nazi UFOs It has long been suspected that Nazi leaders had more than a passing interesting in the occult and UFOs. UFO investigators now believe there was a connection between the UFO phenomenon and the Third Reich. Could the technology that grew into our modern day space program have been passed to the Germans by aliens, as some believe, and then confiscated by the US government after the end of World War II? Now, UFO Hunters will travel to Germany and Poland to investigate bizarre alien links that go back hundreds of years.
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