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Maroon 5’s Adam Levine & girlfriend Anne V on Stern Show February 22nd 2012.m4v

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Anne Of Green Gables: The True Story


China Anne McClain Dynamite

McClain apareceu na série do Disney Channel Wizards of Waverly Place em 2011 como Tina em um episódio de três partes chamado “Wizards vs Angels”, atuando como um anjo. Mais tarde, McClain foi escalada para o papel principal na série do Disney Channel ANT Farm junto com Sierra McCormick, Jake Short, Carlon Jeffery e Stefanie Scott. Para o show, McClain gravou um cover de “Dynamite” de Taio Cruz e também cantou e compôs a música tema da série, “Exceptional”. Um vídeo para a música “Dynamite” estreou em 23 julho de 2011 no Disney Channel. Ela apareceu como participação estrelar em um episódio do reality série PrankStars. Em 14 de junho de 2011, McClain assinou contrato com a Hollywood Records.
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Prank Stars Episodio 2 [ Broma 1 ] China Anne McClain Español Latino

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Anne Richmond Performs Stand-up Comedy at The Comic Strip

Anne is an actress, singer, and writer living in NYC. This performance was taped on October 31, 2009. Anne is one of the creators of O-Cast, a web series mockumentary that follows the Olympian gods of Greek mythology after they fall from Olympus and take up residence in NYC. She also plays Hestia in the show. Follow her on twitter: @annerichmond Website: O-Cast
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Showtime Highlights – Anne Curtis Pranked

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Anne Frank, seen from window

The only known video footage of Anne Frank, seen from the window of her Amsterdam home watching a wedding procession.

My diary of my first few days in my little village – Taebaek, South Korea (lee anne gangneung)

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Hambaek village, Korea Rep. by TravelPod blogger Erika_buzink. See this TripWow and more at My diary of my first few days in my little village “This entry is taken from the journal I started writing when I got to Korea and before I got the internet in my apartment. It’s very long and detailed but gives an insight into how things were and how I felt in my first week here. 02-09-09 I knew I would draw attention from Korean people, especially in a rural area, but I wasn’t prepared for how much the school archery coach (surely in a school with 112 pupils that means PE teacher?) would stare at me during my welcome dinner. And how everyone so openly discussed my features, including my red nose and ‘short hairs’ on my face… The coach and the vice principal got fairly drunk and later invited me to join them and the headteacher another friend at the table out in their garden (we’re neighbours) but I was waiting to meet the other English teacher. It was a shame though, apparently the best way to make Korean friends is to drink soju with them. But as I said over dinner it was a Monday night! I was also slightly confused, apparently it’s not really done for women to drink with men, and so at dinner I took the quarter shot poured by the principal and sipped it, as we had been told to do on the bus over here by Alex-the-*******-Wonju-coordinator-male -chauvinist… I think the female teachers all had a shot each
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