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Public Service Announcement

A virus strikes negligent roommates who leave music playing on their computer while they are not around.
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Disney Channel Make Your Mark Ultimate Dance-Off Shake It Up Edition Announcement Upload your video and check out more dancers! Show us your best moves by 8/3 for a chance to make your mark on Disney Channel’s Ultimate Dance Off TV special! America will vote for the next Shake It Up Spotlight Dancer – and it could be YOU!Watch Shake It Up on Disney Channel! Watch videos, play games, and learn how to dance like Rocky and CeCe at Click the SUBSCRIBE button to get notification when new Disney Channel videos are posted!

Tesco is cheaper. Asda PA announcement

It is a hilarious prank phone call made to asda . a must see. another great video from BOJproductions
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Julz’s Public Service Announcement xD!

[: please sub to MYGotjulzproductions and seasonalwebkinz. julz needs 100 subs and sea needs 3000… so please. we’re gonna also pull pranks on people and say hi to weird people. maybe even do the whipped cream thing on sleeping people! xD

Insomniac’s Commentary Announcement

I’m going to start doing commentaries, so please give me some ideas for topics for my first 1. This is experimental, so if it does well, I will continue with it. Send me a message or leave a comment here with your topic ideas.

Drunk People Public Service Announcement with humor

Drunks are taken to task on what can happen when you drink too much. People will draw on you and make you their garbage can as well as the chance you might vomit all over yourself and not even know it which is pretty stupid. Boomer Bear puts a funny spin on it all with his narration of falling down drunks in this picture compilation. Don’t try this at home.
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Go Crazy Awesome Halo (Announcement)

Go Subscribe to him now or you loose the game Awesome pranks, montages, and more! This is a promotional video


New Tech for design and project in multimedia, using immersive technology…
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Casey Anthony Verdict Announcement Not Guilty On Murder Charges HD

Casey Anthony Verdict Announcement Not Guilty On Murder Charges however found guilty on lesser charges of lying to law enforcement. Casey Anthony Verdict a Victory for the Constitution Many Americans are stunned today that Casey Anthony has been found not guilty by a Florida jury for the murder or manslaughter of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee Marie. Not only that but critics are already taking to the media and speaking out, suggesting that the Florida jury rendered the wrong verdict. After all, how could a jury acquit such a person when it’s so apparent that the defendant lied? But the jury didn’t totally acquit Ms. Anthony. They found her guilty of lying to law enforcement because that’s the charge the prosecution was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
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Announcement!!! Boycotters gather on 8-1-11 NYC – 30 Rock

It appears that the boycott efforts are paying off, and the networks have heard our voices! As interest in this case fades, we must remain alert and keep our eyes and ears open for future deals that may be offered to Casey Anthony! We do not want media outlets and publishing companies to get comfortable and think we are not paying attention or have lost interest in our fight against putting blood money in Casey’s pocket!! All media used in this video under Fair Use for news and educational purposes. Thanks to Darryl Learie for his “Boycott that blood money!” quote!!!! :-) Link to his channel: Helpful Boycott Links: (stay informed, stay proactive!!) Boycott Casey Anthony website: Boycott Casey Anthony, Her Family, And Legal Counsel FB Don’t Let Casey Anthony Profit From Caylee’s Death FB Boycott Casey Anthony Facebook (2 communities) & Caylee’s Law FB Facebook Page: The 12 Jurors In The Casey Anthony Trial Are An Embarrassment To America: Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t exactly a boycott page. But it’s still one of my favorites, lol. Please let me know if there are additional links that I should add!
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