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Clownin’ Around: “Armed” and Dangerous (Part 6)

During the January 16, 1993 episode of Superstars The Nasty Boys defeated Mickey Jay & Rock Warner. During the bout, Doink the Clown appeared in the aisle with his arm in a sling. Crush defeated WT Jones. During the bout, Crush cut an insert promo about his participation in the Royal Rumble. After the match, Crush confronted a seemingly injured Doink the Clown in the aisle. Doink’s arm in a sling after what Crush did to him two weeks earlier, with Doink giving Crush a flower in attempt to apologize. After Crush took the flower and turned away, Doink used the “injured” arm – a prosthetic – and repeatedly hit Crush in the back of the head and neck until referees, officials, JJ Dillon, and Sgt. Slaughter came out to tend to the knocked out Crush. Moments later, EMTs came out, loaded Crush on a stretcher, and took him from the arena in an ambulance. Finally ending with an update segment with Mean Gene.

Caught on Tape: Bizarre Armed Robbery

An Albany man faces robbery charges after surveillance cameras show him robbing a convenience store at gunpoint before the clerk grabbed the weapon when the robber placed it on the counter. (Aug. 8) This video is owned by AP
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The Funniest Armed Robbery Ever Filmed.

The Funniest Armed Robbery Ever Filmed.

Alligator Bites One Armed Man After Resuce

A Miami-Dade County man adds insult to injury after rescuing an alligator in despair. Only problem, the rescue attempt bit him in the arm. Reported by Brent Solomon.
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Womens Self Defense : Self Defense for Armed Carjacking

The best self defense for armed carjacking is to get out of the car. Learn self defense for carjacking from amartial arts instructor in this free safety video. Expert: Darryl Johnson Contact: Bio: Darryl Johnson has been training students in martial arts for 16 years and is himself trained in Krava Maga, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu. Filmmaker: Paul Kersey

Ice cream robbery in West Auckland | Armed gang steals ice creams‎

The owner of a West Auckland fast food shop has been left shaken after an armed gang of mainly girls stormed his shop. A woman from the group pointed a gun at the owner of the Ranui Food Bar and Takeaway as others made off with around 70 ice creams. The shop owner, Yunan Zheng, thinks there were four girls and a boy in the gang. He says he was not sure if the gun was real or fake. One of the robbers headed straight for the till with a hammer but could not open it. “And he said ‘hurry up and give me some money’,” says Zheng. While he phoned for help, the others, mainly teenage girls, raided the ice cream freezer. Zheng says they took 60 or 70 ice creams. But it is the brazen use of weapons that has the shop owner worried. And it is not the first time the shop has been robbed. On New Year’s Eve a group of teenagers armed with a knife got away with several hundred dollars. And the owner seems to think there is a striking resemblance between the groups. “Those two came last time I think, because we remember the voice when they are talking,” says Zheng. The robbery has left locals a bit on edge. With similar raids nearby, they say Ranui is getting too dangerous. One local says it was a good neighbourhood “before stuff like this happened”. Police have taken fingerprints from the scene and are looking at the footage but want public help to catch the teens.

Armed Assault UFO sighting

I never believed in UFO´s or even in extraterrestrial life………but now I changed my opinion 😉
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Iranian Armed Forces

Iranian forces training
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Robber runs into armed cop

A quiet convenience store is held up, but the robber gets more than he bargained for when the innocent bystander turns out to be an armed cop.
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Armed gas station hold up

This felon tries to hold up a gas station with a basket and a blow torch. When the store clerk goes after him he flees the shop.

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