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Combat Arms | The Second Amendment Review | imhiLARRYous

CLICK SHOW MORE MEN This is probably the 50th time I’ve tried to upload this due to issues with Youtube -_- guess duh employees were setting off fireworks in the room with the servers… jajajaj Anyways, great gun guise, not trying to be Jewish or anything but I’d say go for the Uncle Sam Package if you plan on getting the 2nd Amendment. Why? You get a permanent PATRIOT mask which is THE best NX standard mask(great if you don’t already have the perm Prankster Bandana) American Eagle is just a reskin of the regular Desert Eagle and the Desert Eagle SE but it has a really nice draw out animation. USA Hat +2% speed sucks =3 The standard M6A2 was good enough already but this buffed up The Second Amendment with 43 damage is just brutal. 3hko in the chest of light vesters/no vesters/recon vesters and a potential 2hko to the backs is just ffffffffffffreaking amazing. Great alone with Itech/ACOG but with an HDS4 Reflex sight… ITS DUH SO GUD
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.:: Combat Arms BR – Sanguinex / -Sly || Ascension ::.

@Português Olá O vídeo foi gravado em pouco tempo, em algumas vídeo tem jogadas com duas contas, ambas são minhas, -Sly e Sanguinex, ta cada vez mais tenso gravar videos, primeiro que em qualquer pc com fraps on.. da lag eo meu pc e placa de vídeo são simples dai é tenso, mas acho que esse não será o ultimo. Pretendia gravar a semi ea final do campeonato WGB para fazer um vídeo mas nem rolo pois mesmo com as configurações do fraps baixa dava lag :/ então fiz esse, gravado 90% em salas WGB pubs e com duas jogadas em oma sniper only :) Então se você gostou clique e “Gostei”, inscreva-se no Canal para acompanhas novos videos ou atualizações. Gift me please? Obrigado :) Progamas: Fraps 3.2, Sony Vegas 9.0 e After Effects __________________________________________________________ @English Hello The video was shot in a short time in some rooms .. i used two accounts in this video, both are mine, -Sly and Sanguinex.Its getting really hard to record videos since my pc is simple so the fraps gives me a huge lag … but I think this wont be my last video.I wanted to record the semi and the final of the WGB championship to make a video but the fraps ,even with low settings,gave me lag.So I made this one, recorded 90% in pubs and WGB rooms and with a couple sniper only oma plays :) So if you like my montage click “Like “, please sign up for new videos and updates. Thanks :) Prorgams used: Fraps 3.2, Sony Vegas 9.0 e After Effects

Hellogoodbye- Here In Your Arms

Warning: Flashing lights. A cute love video for Here In Your Arms by Hellogoodbye
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crazy arms

it looks like this guy has no bones
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Arms through the floor

A weird trick.

Amos Lee – Arms Of A Woman

Music video by Amos Lee performing Arms Of A Woman.
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The Lawrence Arms

Lawrence Arms Rockin Out

training Boxer to jump in arms

I found it’s a good idea to wear an old sweater or vest so you don’t get scratched. lol Bailey learned this in about ten minutes.

Ghost Whisperer In Your Arms

My first own video is about GHOST WHISPERER of course. And i hope you all will like it. And it’s not sooo bad. Please tell me what i could do better. And thanks to “aranyossybarbara” for the pics, because some of them are from you!

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