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Jared Padalecki Asylum 2009 Saturday Panel – Latin Exorcism & Australia

Jared tries (and fails) to say an exorcism and then talks a little about his time(s) in Australia

Lost and Abandoned: Asylum

In this video we explore an old haunted asylum out in the middle of no where. Due to the history and legends about this place, we couldn’t find anyone to tag along with us. So its just us two… If you’d like to vote on what videos we release next, join us on facebook
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LA Ghostbusters Episode 2: Downey Insane asylum Part 3/3

We investigated the Downey California Insane asylum Part 3/3 …. Weird hissing noise inside bathroom stall…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

LA Ghostbusters Episode 2: Downey Insane asylum Part 2/3

We investigated the Downey California Insane asylum Part 2/3 ….Strange noises….
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Life of an Asylum Seeker(Indonesia).flv

Atika Shubert speaks to one asylum seeker stranded off the coast of Indonesia, trying to reach Australia.
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LA Ghostbusters Episode 2: Downey Insane asylum Part 1/3

We investigated the Downey California Insane asylum Part 1/3

Apparitions: The Condemned Asylum (An RCT3 Dark Ride)

PLEASE READ END OF DESCRIPTION BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS. If you haven’t already, please check out the thread: [ (It includes the story and some pictures, and the story is pretty vital for this ride to make a lot of sense.) But basically, you’re in an Abandoned Asylum that was shut down because of a virus that spread throughout the Asylum. The virus’ symptoms were simply people seeing these black hooded figures, along with other common cold symptoms. These weren’t just illusions, though, they were real. And were killing the patients. These Apparitions were able to alter reality. After the doctors realized what was happening, they shut down the asylum. Now, you’re going back to the asylum. And you’ve seem to have gotten common cold symptoms. (Made in RCT3, some of the CS Used can be found here: [ Except for the Apparitions and the Bodies/Bloodspatters/Spiderwebs. The list that previously had all the CS is gone, so I’m not sure how much of the scenery you’ll be able to find… Sorry. :/ CTR can be found here (It’s called the “AP-DR”): [ Thanks for watching! 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Stanley Royd, Former Pauper Lunatic Asylum Wakefield

An incredible chance to see a working former lunatic asylum in the 1960’s. This is previously unseen footage having been stored for decades on 16mm film reel. STANLEY ROYD The building was necessary to care for the treatment and care of the insane poor, and work began on it in 1816. The main builders were John Robson, John Billinton and William Pockrin – all from Wakefield. Work was completed and the hospital occupied by the 23rd of November 1818. The eventual cost of the building work was £23000 being £7000 more than the contracted price. The total cost was shown in the records as £36448. 4s. 9¼d. The building stood in an area of 25 acres. For privacy the grounds were surrounded by plantation in either Wakefield or Stanley to be quiet, peaceful and secluded. It was a much needed hospital for in the early part of the 19th century very little was available by way of treatment for mental illness. Before the opening of this asylum, sufferers were incarcerated in prisons, workhouses or in their own homes at none of which treatment was available except for purging, bleeding or mechanical restraint. Some of records of mechanical restraint make horrific reading. There was a case of a James Norris who, at Bethlem Hospital, London, was chained for several years to a vertical bar fixed to a wall, able only to slide in his chains from a sitting to a standing position. Records tell at Wakefield of a woman patient admitted from Barnsley Workhouse where she
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Ghost Box Session In Insane Asylum

Please subscribe! The Illinois Paranormal Research Association ventured into the infamous Manteno Insane Asylum located in Manteno, Illinois. They used the notorious ghost box or frank’s box to communicate with the dead. They had amazing results. At the end of their session the place became extremely active and they had the strong urge to leave. It is the lead investigators’ job to call off an investigation if it becomes too serious. David lead his team to safety as things began to happen such as overpowering feelings of dread, light headedness, and loud noises. Catch much more at :

Haunted Asylum in Downey at night w/ GROWLING!

Mike and Moe uncover the mystery of the haunted asylum! Moe gets scooby snacks in return. Check out the GROWLING in the broiler room as we go down to investigate. Watch for various orbs and shadows and as well as hums and strange noises including a disembodied moan when we look into the mirror in the bathroom. People see and hear more and more things the more they watch it.

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