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Dead Squirrel- FAIL attempt #1

Whats gonna work? TEEEAMM WORK! Flying Dead Squirrel fail attempt #2, even tho it says #1
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My attempt at a Diaper “Prank” on my Sister

Another lame, random video from my life! 😀 Rate and Respond! Sorry for crappy quality 😛 I do not own any of the music. All rights reserved to their rightful owners. Intro Music: “Kalimba” by Mr. Scruff Ending Music: “Number One” (Instrumental) by Hazel Fernandes from Bleach. Copyright belongs to Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., Viz Media, TV Tokyo
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Adopt-A-Lady / Police Attempt Prank Call

Jared prank calls a lady who posted an ad looking to adopt. LIVE PRANK CALLS EVERY WEEK!

attempt at scaring people

**read title**
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Car Pranks Attempt 4

Still, fail.
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And another Failed attempt…

Why they no pick up duh goddamn phone
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Car Pranks Attempt 3

FUNNIEST ONE YET. Car tries going around the string (x
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Car Pranks Attempt 2

We failed.

Car Pranks Attempt 1

Pretending we have a string held from both sides of the street, making cars stop and preventing them from going ahead (x
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Last attempt to help Madison Fullscreen It

I have emailed the fbi disaster department, posted videos on the world most popular site to put the situation out there for the world to what a horrible person ann wilson is.i am going to look for a way to email these links to the Aiken SC Police department where Ann claims to live,if you people wanna call me a troll ur guilty of wanting to get laid like any other str8 im trying to provide more evidence to help my case so as to get madison help and to get some sickos locked up because ann wilson know at least 2 men who are currently training their stepkids to do the most debasing and degrading things alive.
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