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Tnt fireworks twinkling stars fireworks display in my backyard. firework explosions gone wrong firecracker blows up in hand tnt pranks goes bad gone wrong waking up the neighbors

Backyard Science Now Showing on Pop –

Grab your goggles, stand back and get ready to learn cool tricks and experiments to impress your friends in Backyard Science!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Black Racer Snake in my backyard

Bless my dear sweet mother’s heart. She was afraid of a snake that came into our backyard. “Cool! What kind is it?” “I don’t know, I didn’t hang around to find out!” So I grabbed my camera. :) This is a Black Racer. They’re harmless (although they will bite, I just don’t feel like getting gnawed on by little snakey teeth), and they’re very fast. I was taken aback when the damn thing started to RATTLE at me, but it was just vibrating its tail in the grass, causing a buzzing noise. Sneaky snake, trying to make me think he’s a rattler. :) I followed him until he escaped through the fenceline. There’s a nice big ditch on the other side that should provide a nice habitat for him.

Mulga Snake catch and release removed from a backyard in Mitchell QLD King Brown

Mulga catch and release removed from a backyard here in Mitchell QLD. A beautiful specimen thats been munching down the mice plague we have out here. I recieved the call from a nice fella out here who believe that snakes have a right to co-exist as does every other native animal here in Australia. More people die in Australia from Horse related injuries than from snake bites, yet we dont get a shovel and start beating horses brains out do we? So why do people kill snakes? If your scared of them thats ok, call a snake catcher…just dont kill them. Go the Snakes!!!

How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite : Avoiding Snake Bites in Your Backyard

Learn where and why snakes may like to hang around your backyard in this free first aid video. Expert: Ginger Black Bio: Ginger Black works for a state facility where she handles venomous and non-venomous reptiles and amphibians on a weekly basis. Filmmaker: Reggie Hayes
Video Rating: 3 / 5

How to Build A Backyard Haunted House by Kevin Jackal Johnston 2009 – Part 13

How to Build A Backyard Haunted House by Kevin Jackal Johnston 2009 – Part 2 This is the backyard haunted house video by Kevin Jackal Johnston for 2009. Haunted House Toronto, Mississauga Scary Houses, halloween is the best night of the year. Halloween Haunted Houses on LOW BUDGETS Hallowe’en Haunted House – haunted yard – haunt Halloween Haunt Halloween costumes halloween,sound,effects,hallowe’en,scary,fx,horror,delerium,,terror,evil,backtracking,creepy,scream,screaming, haunted house, haunt, ghost, creep, make up, zombie, freak, blood, chains, sounds, sound effects
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California UFO Sighting in backyard

A backyard casual turns into a top secret encounter with Those From Above when a UFO sighting becomes real life. A research camera had been set up to record a pyrotechnic experiment. After reviewing the tape, researchers spot a UFO in the edge of the camera. Further examination of the image has confirmed it to be a true UFO sighting. The latest sightings show that alien life is no longer an abstract existence, they are real and they are out there. It’s only a matter of time before they’re knocking at our front door. . .

Funny Shark Attack in Backyard

Fun in the pool

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Fishing In my backyard Cape Coral Joe Kowalczyk Jackie Bush Bill Tomsick Other events too

Fishing In my backyard Cape Coral Joe Kowalczyk Jackie Bush Bill Tomsick Other events too NO UFOS or bloody girl fights just most watched viral videos No dying people or guts from shark attacks crucifix fish cat fish crusificks catfish crusifix fish bone jesus on skull
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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