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Balloon Smack Wake Prank

John fell asleep playing his xbox. Insead of smashing it I decided to play a lillte joke on him!

Bam balloon birthday bonanza(1200 Balloons)

Bam balloon birthday bonanza
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kid loves balloon prank

New Project
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Water balloon baseball..

we created a new sport…then put it in slow motion;)

Balloon Prank Part II

After the bon surprise! See what happens after my roommate opens her bedroom door. Special thanks to Johnston and Michael for your awesome ideas, and your lungs! Without you both this never would have been possible =)

Throwing a giant water balloon off a roof onto a port-a-pott

A giant water balloon being thrown onto a port-a-potty Brought to you by:
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Balloon prank sprays powder at the office. (auto dealership)

Coffee creamer and helium filled balloons hover just waiting for the right time.

Gigantic Water Balloon Prank Video

very funny prank using water balloon
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helium balloon hire

Laugh out Load prankster whackhead simpson

Roommate Balloon Prank

well its not a ukulele video but i thought it was funny…. enjoy So grant went home for the weekend and we took it upon ourselves to break into his room and fill it with balloons, this is how it went down
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