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barking lion

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Bizkit the sleep walking Barking Running Dog Funny Clip Bizkit the sleep walking Barking Running Dog Funny Clip
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Nancy 1/27/09 Part 7 (BARKING!!)

Discussion on the Casey Anthony case

Jack Russell barking or talking until you play with him or give him treats

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barking collar test..!

Crystal tries out the dogs barking collar before the dog!!
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Barking Weiner Dog

Funny Dachshund Harley Dog running, whining, and barking in a pet store ツ

Dog Barking Training-Dog Barking Training Tips

Dog Barking Training-Dog Barking Training Tips

Tired of dog barking? Looking for dog barking training? One of the most frequent question dog owners are forced to address is how to train dog not to bark. Dogs just love barking. It’s a pretty normal thing for your dog to do, just as its normal for humans to speak. By barking they communicate their feelings with the outer world. However, when they bark excessively it becomes a great nuisance for human beings.

Listed below are some top dog barking training tips -:

Step 1: Ignore Your Dog When He Barks For Attention

When your dog is barking for attention you need to ignore him. Avoid any eye contact; do not even say “no” to him to stop. Just don’t pay any attention to him. Let your dog know through your body language that you don’t want to be bothered at the moment.

All these steps are pretty vital. Because if you tell your dog to be quiet and start shouting at him, you are only reinforcing his bad behavior. If you pay attention to him while he is barking, he will quickly learn that by barking continuously he can get your attention.

Teaching your dog not to bark for attention can take some time, but you should never give in or your dog will learn to bark louder and longer!

Step 2: Give Your Dog Daily Attention and Exercise

The dogs that spend much of their time alone have quite a lot of excessive energy in them, which shows in excessive barking. Well exercised dogs are pretty content staying indoors and are less likely to have these behavioral issues.  

Make sure to spend some time playing with your dog and taking him out for a walk to give him the necessary physical exercise. When you have to leave your dog alone make sure you leave him with some good dog chew toys.

Step 3: Train Your Dog to Be Quiet on Command

When your dog is barking for a right reason but doesn’t stop, you need to train him to be quiet on command. The best technique with young and obedient dogs is to gently hold their muzzle shut to stop their barking, and then give him a command for “quiet.” The word or phrase used by you does not matter as long as you use the same word every time. Praise your dog when he stays quiet after you release his muzzle. Always remember to give your dog mild praise when he behaves well!

As you can see here dog barking training can be a frustrating issue to deal with. When trying to stop your dog barking, a good dog training course can be very useful. You will want to look for the one that includes a free consultation with a skilled dog trainer.

Gary Price worked at a vet clinic and an animal shelter, and has had lots of experience with dogs. Visit him at,, to learn more dog training tips. Discover which dog training course he recommends at

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Killed over barking DOG ?? WTF

What I Think Ep 67 April 2 2009 The What IThink Show is devoted to weird news usually featuring dumb criminals from around the world. So now, “Let me tell you what I Think”. NOW IN HD!!! LIVE SHOW TOMORROW ON BLOGTV Current Topics Nude drive thru: Man killed over dog barking: Contact information: Talk to ME: AIM: WhatIThinkShow Follow me: Playstation 3 PSN ID: WhatIThink Be sure to follow up with comments on any of the topics discussed in the video and if you like the video please SUBSCRIBE for future material.

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