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Doctor Stalker Lyrics Christian Beadles

Download Christian’s song on itunes: it took 3 hours to make this:)but all worth it:)


NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. this is not my video. THIS IS NOT ME. follow me on twitter : @liiindseyxo READDD : Caitlin getting a prank call can you figure out who it is ? IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER AHAHAHAHAHAH. he had a voice changer so don’t say “it doesn’t sounds like him,” i know, that’s why. sorry i didnt get the end of the call youtube wouldn’t let me upload the other one cause it was too long but on twitter later that night justin retweeted someone saying “i love prank calling people.” so they know it was him.
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Beadles About – 1990 – Part 2

Jeremy Beadle pranks and plays jokes on more members of the public. from ITV 1990 with adverts and idents
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Beadles About – 1990 – Part 1

Jeremy Beadle pranks and plays jokes on more members of the public. from ITV 1990 with adverts and idents

BEADLES FINAL ACT – Jeremy Sings Elvis

A random test of the new puppet feature in After Effects CS3. Yes, he is wearing a cat as a coat, and thats the chest of a monkey! But no… those arent his real hands. UMmmmmm naughty! Being the king of pranks and jokes he would have laughed, and he would have wanted you to as well 😉

Beadle’s About – Alien Prank

Taken from Channel 4’s ‘100 Greatest Funny Moments’, this is arguably the most well-remembered Jeremy Beadle moment ever. Arriving home to a meteorite in her garden, along with local police, scientists and the military, a farmer’s wife helps welcome an alien being to Earth. Singing and offerings of tea ensue. Dedicated to Beadle, who died from pneumonia at the age of 59 on 30th January 2008. RIP UPDATE: The original, uninterrupted version of this clip used to be hosted on ITV’s website, as part of a Beadle tribute section containing other videos of his best moments. The videos are gone, but the other things (articles and photos) are still here:
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Beadles About: Haunted Undertakers

A man doing temp work at an undertakers gets a few scares on his first day.
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Beadles Skoda Octavia VRS For Sale

BeadlesTV: Skoda Octavia VRS for sale at Beadles. Please call 01622 711234 or go to for further details.

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