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EXCLUSIVE! BOP & Tiger Beat Behind The Scenes of Victoria Justice’s Music Video!

BOP & Tiger Beat were the only magazines invited to the set of Victoria Justice’s new music video, “Beggin’ On Your Knees.” Watch the video to see behind the scenes footage and check out what Vic had to say!
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Caleb singing you cant stop the beat

i was bored, and i had this song stuck in my head!

Bop and Tiger Beat EXCLUSIVE: Sterling Knight on the Set of STARSTRUCK!

We got to visit the entire cast on set while they were filming Disney Channel’s StarStruck! We caught up with all the celebs in the movie including one of our faves Sterling Knight! Watch this video where he spills on his favorite craft service treat (and the food joke they played on his onscreen girlfriend Chelsea Staub!).
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How to Beat Mission 7 on Club Penguin

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching my Mission 7 Guide! I apologize for the video being long, but I wanted people to have a clue on what to do. Thats why I used titles in detail. Those themselves took up at least 3 minutes of the entire video. For some reason, I gave the penguin the ring, but I didn’t receive the other gift. Note that you will also receive another gift. Also, please visit If you have any friends who are having trouble with Mission 7, just tell them about my video and they won’t have any more problems :D. Thanks again for choosing to watch my video! Please subscribe too! Thanks!
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 : Beat Block Galaxy – Green Stars

Please read the description and watch the entire video before leaving a comment. If you don’t like the commentary, just mute the video or watch something else. This is just a regular playthrough done for fun; for a detailed walkthrough, game help, etc., just do a search online. *** Next up is Beat Block Galaxy. There are two Green Stars to pick up here, and both of them are relatively easy ones to grab. Green Star 1 – @ 2:07 Green Star 2 – @ 5:00
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Super Mario Brothers beat in 8 minutes

A plumber on an epic journey
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Part 13 :: Supermassive Beat Blocks

We actually got a lot done here! Supermassive Galaxy is nearly complete, Beat Block Galaxy as well, and a few more Prankster Comets out of the way! 😀

beat downs part one

with us you really have no were to hide we are non stop prankstars
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Office prank, gone wrong. CEO gets beat up.

The CEO of our company decided to dress up as a clown and scare the pants off of us. It worked. That’s our operations manager beating up our CEO. Jamaican’s gone wild!
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Police Beat

Police Beat Pranked From
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