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Stupid College Ideas for Everyone (I’ve Seen Better Days)

Want a lesson in what NOT to do at college??? well here are quite a few. (These are just random clips that i got from freshman and sophmore year at school. People just don’t learn do they??? The quality is pretty cruddy…so sorry. But i liked it anyway.)
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Being Aggressive in S&D to Become Better

If you want me personally to help you get better, add me on skype to chat to play, (GucioKiLLer-), not GucioKiLLer Twitter: ———————————————————————- ———————————————————————- Facebook: ———————————————————————- ———————————————————————- Subscribe to my 2nd Channel for Funny Prank Calls ———————————————————————- ———————————————————————- To personally connect with me if you have any questions, or want to game together, contact me on youtube, or skype. (GucioKiLLer-)
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Lady Antebellum – BETTER

Better gets personal with the members of Lady Antebellum, including who’s the prankster and which one is the best kisser.
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Saggy Pants Law Pt.2 – you better find out the laws!

Meetos Sa&%#? (played by T-pot) is a local store owner in the city of Riviera Beach, Florida. He is being interviewed by a sexy reporter named Annaya Stillwater (played by Annaya The Poet. This crazy dude is expressing his views in support of the new SAGGY PANTS LAW that has taken effect in 2008. This short film/comedy is hilarious because when you see T-Pot (the lead actor) playing the role of the store owner, you are going to ROTF! Get ready for Part 2 of the SAGGY PANTS LAW! Black Minds Entertainment Corp is doing big and FUNNY things—be sure to check out PART 3.

Better Time Changer .bat

A Better version of the time changer.bat Here is the link to get the program. I will no longer provide the link. It has been brought to my attention that the program contains, or is a worm! If you have installed this program I advise the amidiate removal of it!
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Who’s Magic Trick is Better? (Vegas, Day 2)

This is Day 2 of our Vegas Trip. Give us your take on our argument, and tell us who’s magic trick you think is the best. Follow us on Twitter: Facebook:

Selena VS. Demi BATTLE!! (who’s better?)

This is NOT TO BE MEAN!!! JUST wondering who youtube likes BEST!!So please CRS– ComMenT, RAtE, ANd SuBsCRibE!!!! Add me as a Friend!!! CHECK OUT my other videos if these this isnt your favorite! Thank You

MTV High School Stories – Phantom Printer (Better Quality)

MTV High School Stories – Phantom Printer Episode A group of kids play a prank using the schools computer network and printers to print out thousands of pages of messages. This took place at the North Hardin High School, but due to lack of permission from the school it was filmed at the Elizabethtown High School, so please do not post comments about where the filming took place. I actually am in this video as the IT guy! Okay no autographs please… LOL And no, I do not know any of the actual persons involved in the prank. They are featured in the video, but I was there only to fill a part of the script.

Cwalk – Better :]

thank you natalie for my vans ^. ^ ohhh dedi to edwin that sxc kient =D this was inspired by iolrckx =P

Microsoft VS Apple – Why is Microsoft better than you?

A 10 minute Phone call (or prank call) asking the question “Why is Microsoft better than you?” (Apple’s Mac product in this case). Call it a Prank call if you wish… Credits: cppwhore

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