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Bill Clinton voodoo

Bill Clinton voodoo has a curse on him very funny
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Dollar Bill Scaffold

Try to build a scaffold or bridge between 2 glasses that can hold another glass

Bill Collector Prank Call

This is a real call from a bill collector with the wrong number. They called twice a day for 3 months so I decided to have some fun with them.

Prank Calls – Telco Bill Repeat Reminder

Malaysia’s Number 1 Hit Station Morning Show [Gotcha Call From JJ / Ean] Download Link:
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Bill Gates funny – Bill Gates Gets Creamed – Funny Clip Funny Clip 11 – Bill Gates Gets Creamed Bill Gates funny – Bill Gates Gets Creamed – Funny Clip
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ZolarVision Prank Call [Unpayed Bill]

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University Executive Pay Cap Bill Introduced In CA free fun video college prank wars pranks for

University Executive Pay Cap Bill Introduced In CA free fun video college prank wars pranks for april fools day college dorm prank new video CollegeBudgetCuts, CollegePresidentPay, TytUniveristy, AnaKasparian, JayarJackson, Csu, CsuPay, CsuCompensation
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Mr. Bill Collector can Kiss My Ass!

Has a bill collector ever harassed or annoyed the living shit out of you? If so then check out this sketch comedy about an annoying bill collector.
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Bill Murray at Pebble Beach

A few years I made this video of Bill on a 3 par. It gives you an idea how funny Bill is on the fly. I sure would like to have a beer with him some day. I think it was the 12th hole on Saturday around the year 1997. To Bill Murray, If you happen to see this, I have a great picture of you from this that is classic Bill, I would love to give you a copy of it. I think you would enjoy it. Drop me a line if your interested. Pete T.
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08 – NIBIRU or ELENIN – The next events by Captain Bill

Friends of our channel, be welcome. This is the eighth “coming events” – May 28, 2011. Friends and YouTubers, this video brings up yet another cover-up of important information for us, ordinary citizens. Russian scientists appear to have a greater sense of global principles than Western scientists. Pay attention to the following information: NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event — research by Terrence Aym NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012. Few have been listening. Calling it a “once in a lifetime super solar storm event,” NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth knocking out the Northern Hemisphere’s technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s. Russia too has voiced concern. And now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev [“PLANET PHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE”], claims what is happening is worse—much worse—than what NASA and the ESA have admitted: Our entire solar system is entering an immense, deadly, interstellar energy cloud. This is the unknown, alien Photon Belt, World defenseless against unknown, alien cloud! Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010, that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud. This highly energized, electrified cloud of gas, is disturbing and disrupting the sun. In conjunction with Earth’s weakening and moving
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