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Ladybugs bite back

Some kids try to prank a kid but he woke up lol before they could even prank him dumb asses lol
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Can I Get A Bite Of Your Food?

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Household jackass frost bite

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Boyz N Da Hood, Gorilla Zoe – Bite Down (real video, uncensored) with LYRICS

Follow me on twitter: –v—-LYRICS—-v– “Me neither, I can’t lie I’m still in the club Poppin’ bottles with my niggas Drinkin’ liquor, smokin’ bud Shorty what it does My nigga what it do, Pop a bean, bite down, do a line or two Get drunk (get drunk) Do a line (do…

snake bite to the face

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a host gets bitten by a snake

How to make a fake lipring (snake bite) for halloween

FOR HALLOWEEN just read the name. songs= #1 Muse: can’t take my eyes off you #2 Muse: Super massive black hole #3 Paramore: Misery business

Chief Rowley vs. Red Rat Snake Bite on Road

Chief Rowley, Professional Snake Handler comes across a Red Rat Snake while driving on a back road. Things get out of hand and Chief gets bit. A great SPOOF video for entertainment. Enjoy. And no, not making fun of the legend Steve Irwin. I am keeping his wild humor alive in all of us! And acutally this video was submitted to Steve before he passed when he was planning to do a Reality Show.
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Chief Rowley vs. Snake bite by a Black Mamba!!

This video is a view of what can go wrong when a Black Mamba decides to bite you when you decide to catch-trap it. Enjoy how Chief handles this very serious incident. And no Chief respect Steve to much to make fun of him but brings you his humor for all to enjoy. Make sure to watch the whole video before posting a rude comment. TURN UP THE VOLUME.Thanks
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How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings : How to Use Mud to Treat an Insect Bite

How to use mud on insect bites in this free video clip from an expert physician. Expert: Susan Jewell, MD Bio: Dr. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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