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Black Ops: High School Prank: Super Magnets (Gameplay/Commentary)

Another High School Prank video involving Super Magnets. Want to help the channel grow? Help me out and click “Like” and share with friends/guidies! Facebook Page: FACEBOOK APP: Tags: High School Super Magnet Magnets Prank Osprey Gunner…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

COMEDY DEPOT: ownage pranks – Black guy talks to some creepy gay guy

ownage pranks calls the manhole once again and ends up talking to some creepy guy. Very funny. – Uploaded video because There needs to be more and better comedy on youtube. If you like it Please support Ownage Pranks by signing up on the forums at:

Angry black man prank – Pranksta man calls #4 ( work phone )

WE DO DO REQUEST ! if u think it is fake, why dont u try it bitch ?

TABOO from Black Eyed Peas In Bed With Carrie Keagan! Uncensored

BUZZ… must see: — Watch NEW trailer NO GOOD TV get’s an EXCLUSIVE and UNCENSORED lay down with the multi-platinum Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo. Get “In Bed With” host Carrie Keagan as she pulls back the sheets on designer dildos, krumpin’, humpin’, getting retarded and some words of “love” for the folks at the FCC. We’re definitely down with the brown on this one! Watch more hilarious and UNCENSORED episodes on IN BED WITH at NO GOOD TV http

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call- Black Snake Moan

Nephew Tommy calls a man as a animal control officer and tells him that a snake had became loose and asks him not flush his toilet for 24 hours
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Black Ops 2 – More Leaked Information! (Gametypes, Perks & Weaponary!)

More leaked black ops 3 information regarding a full perk list, new gametypes & weaponary! Source: Twitter @ TehGamerzEffect Twitch @ TheGamerzEffect Facebook @ TehGamerzEffect Skype @ HoboInRed ——————————————————————– Tags: “black ops 2” “black ops 2, today” “black ops 2 beta” “black ops 2 beta, today” “black ops 2 download” “black ops 2 leaked info” “black ops 2 leaked information, today” “black ops 2 trial” “black ops 2 gameplay” “black ops 2 screenshots” “black ops 2 weapons” “black ops 2 attachments” “black ops 2 perk” “black ops 2 info” “blops 2” “call of duty black ops 2” “call of duty 9”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My Black Ops 2 Ideas Size For Xp

Hi my name is collin i enjoy uploading daily call of duty as well as minecraft. I upload every day in hd. im currently 15. So if you like my content subscribe thanks Best smg in warfare 3 mw3 how to rush in modern warfare 3 mw3 does kick effect hip fire modern warfare mw3 kick steady aim rapid fire modern warfare 3 mw3 how to level up fast modern warfare 3 mw3 best smg lmg assault rifle sniper rifle shotgun modern warfare 3 mw3 Support vs assault vs specialty killstreak/poinstreak package how to unlock proficiencies in modern warfare 3 mw3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Black Ops World at War gold camo clan tags theater mode Assault Rifles M4A1 M16A4 SCAR-L CM901 Type 95 G36C ACR 6.8 MK14 AK-47 FAD FAMAS Submachine Guns UMP45 MP5 PP90M1 P90 PM-9 MP7 MP5K AK-74u Vector Light Machine Guns L86 LSW MG36 PKP Pecheneg MK46 M60E4 MW3 RPD MW3 M240 MW3 Sniper Rifles MW3 Barrett .50cal MW3 L118A Dragunov AS50 RSASS MSR Shotguns USAS 12 KSG 12 SPAS-12 AA-12 Striker Model 1887 Machine Pistols FMG9 MP9 korpion G18 Handguns USP .45 P99 MP412 44 Magnum Five seven Desert Eagle Launchers SMAW FIM-92 Stinger Javelin XM25 M320 GLM RPG-7 AT4 Weapon Proficiencies Kick Impact Attachments Focus Breath Stability Range Melee Speed Damage Attachments Red Dot Sight Suppressor Grenade Launcher (M203, GP-25, AG36) Rapid Fire Grip Akimbo Tactical Knife ACOG Scope Heartbeat Sensor Hybrid Sight HAMR Scope Shotgun Holographic Sight Extended Mags Thermal Scope Variable Scope Lethal Frag Semtex Throwing
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Black Metal Prank Call

Black metal poseur places an add in the paper looking for a lead guitarist for his band. Black dude calls him up wanting to join.

Nephew Tommy Prank Call- Black History Month

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Angry black man – Pranksta man calls #3 ( stoner dude)

WE DO DO REQUEST ! if u think it is fake, why dont u try it bitch ?

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