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Prank Calls – Cheating Boyfriend

a girl wins a contest and finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her
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So I had to get Jeana back for what she did to me. The only way to get even was to make her feel like she was cheated on, but I had to take it to the next level by getting Jenna Marbles in on it. So while we were out partying I was acting shady and hiding from Jeana all night. When the time came, I snuck off with Jenna Marbles and Charles Trippy to our hotel room. Alli was told to trick Jeana into thinking she needed to borrow something from our room. Being that Alli is a vlogger, having the camera on was natural to Jeana. PAYBACK SAAAAN! Please go subscribe to these awesome people for helping me with the prank. CTFxC – Jenna Marbles – Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Jesse’s Google + T-shirts Our Mailing address: PrankvsPrank PO Box 2106 Voorhees, NJ 08043
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How to make your boyfriend poop!

My girlfriend thought it was a great idea to put laxatives in brownies and then bother me when I was pooping. music is royalty free provided by Apple
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Cheating Boyfriend Prank Call

Found this in the vault (My 12GB PP drive), recorded this about a year ago on prankdial, enjoy.
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Girl Finds Out Boyfriend is Married On Radio 93.7 “The Edge”

Got This From He Loves Me Not Claim: A woman discovers on a call-in radio show that her boyfriend is married. Status: True. Origins: If anything could be worse than finding out that your lover has been cheating on you, it would be for such a discovery to take place in front of a large audience — an audience to whom you’d just affirmed your confidence in your lover’s fidelity. Even worse would be if you were the discovered cheater, and the revelation of your unfaithfulness occurred in front of an eavesdropping public as well. Both those scenarios are precisely what happened to two Minnesota residents named Kim and Greg on Andy Savage’s radio program Radio (aired on the now-defunct Minneapolis station KEGE 93.7, better known as The Edge) in 1996. A 25-year-old woman named Kim phoned in to take part in a scheme called “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not,” in which callers who suspected their lovers of fooling around behind their backs gave Savage contact information, and he employed various ruses to try to catch out the straying sweethearts. Kim had been going out with a man named Greg for about a year, she said. Since Greg lived in Duluth, which was quite a distance away (over 150 miles) from Kim’s home near Minneapolis, they saw each other only on weekends. Alarm bells should have been going off already, but Kim swore she had “absolutely no reason” to suspect Greg had been messing around on her. “I know he loves me,” she told Savage quite confidently. (“Then this
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boyfriend gun prank fail hilarious stupid people videos

boyfriend gun prank fail hilarious stupid people videos New Episodes Every Day of The Best Web Videos !!!greatest youtube videos ever watch 100 times and still laugh TrendsVlog http NOMINATE YOUR VIDEOS All videos featured uploaded and nominated @ Thanks fan for the nominees Like raywilliamjohnson + ijustine with a shanedawsontv twist VOTE COMMENT LAUGH Nominated and Featured video linksa a VLOG & BLOGS Our Twitter= Our Myspace= THANKS PEACE AND LOVE VIRAL Comedy Funniest Home Videos Show Epic Fail Pranks Viewer Created Content
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My boyfriend on cp broke up with me

MY BOYFRIEND ON CLUB PENGUIN! no one brakes up with MAEVE!!!!!
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How To Prank Your Boyfriend

he had no idea i was videoing him haha then he wouldn’t put my glasses back on haha . i love him.
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Hot Girl Scares Boyfriend With Her Lizard HD funny movies youtube college pranks april fools pranks

Hot Girl Scares Boyfriend With Her Lizard HD funny movies youtube college pranks april fools pranks for kids good april fools day jokes guys Movie lizard, wake, up, hot girl, prank, pranks, funny, funny videos, prank videos, john, nikki, john and nikki, nikki and john, jdahla, nikitabanana88,…
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