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Video #5 Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Crash Varginha Brazil. Aliens UFOs. … http … Video #5 Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Crash Varginha Brazil. Aliens UFOs. Varginha, Brazil, Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Crash 1996. Also this information was on the radio interview between Art Bell and Dr. Roger Leir on the 29th August 2004. (Coast to Coast Am) One of the reasons for the UFO cover-up, Is it seems to be a big and very busy Universe. And that being so, some of the extraterrestrials are way ahead of us Humans, in Technology, but also special natural learned abilities. And now I’m going to give you an example taken from two UFO books… 1. Timothy Goods UFO book called “Need To Know”. 2. And Dr Roger Leir’s book called “UFO Crash in Brazil”. True or Not, this is the information about one of the Extraterrestrials… One of the ETs got a fractured leg from the UFO crash. So, in a hospital with military personnel everywhere, A doctor there was assigned to fix the ETs leg. ================= Jims Space Agency Network… Or here… http ================= 1. At one stage the ET, with it’s mind, started controlling the doctors hands, to fix the leg properly. 2. The ET also telepathically downloaded lots of information into the doctors head, and 3. Their race of beings can heal any illness or injury just using their own mind or in a group. And that particular ET’s leg healed in 24 hours. 4. The ET also said, they felt sorry for us Humans because we lost direct contact with our spirit selves. And
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UFOs above Brazil

Archived at This strange sighting was filmed out of the coast of Brazil, it was witnessed by several people on a coaster. I have merged the 5 videos into one, and this is Zeeders comments to the UFO Videos. “This was when I first started filming…it was originally 3 orbs of light…2 white lights 1 red when I first saw it; another says I missed the first part where it was one blinking light that split into 2 white lights then the red ones started appearing…I stopping filming & changed to zoom setting on my camera” “This is actually the second in line of the videos…I had changed to zoom setting and began filming from one end of the red lights to the other end that had the original white strobe lights that seemed to be making the red lights appear…then this thing fell off of that end…couldn’t tell if it hit this object in the sky or came out of the object in the sky…it was the only falling object seen…once all the lights came on it just hoovered in place” “This is 3rd in line…removed zoom mode previously used; red lights hoovered in place; no sounds of an airplane; didn’t seem to be moving at all…movement noted in this video came from it being filmed on the deck of a boat and the noise is the background noise of the boat…stayed like this, hoovering, for quite some time so I quite filming. Suddenly there was a white flash and the red lights disappeared and only one globe of light was there. It began moving about rapidly with intermittent
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Let’s break the HOAX-3 (UFO in Brazil 2011, Sao Paulo)

Exposure of FAKE UFO VIDEOS : Source: “ovni proxímo a lençóis paulista e agudos – UFO” Copies: “UFO are amazing in Brazil SAO PAULO” “OVNI no interior de São Paulo? UFO in Brazil, São Paulo?” “Day time UFO in Brazil – LOOKS VERY REAL” “FLAGRANTE DE APARIÇÃO DE OVNI EM LENÇÓIS PAULISTA” “ovni proxímo a lençóis paulista e agudos – UFO – Matéria TV TEM Bauru” “disco voador em lençois paulista (todos os detalhes estudados)” “Cinegrafista amador registra aparição de OVNI em Lençóis Paulista (SP)” “OVINIs (UFO): Filmado nos céus de são paulo 24/02/2011 (EXCLUSIVO)”

UFO filmed live by Tv News Station in Acre Brazil February 09 2009

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UFO Encounter Varginha Brazil 1996 UFO Video Date January 1996 Place:Varginha, Brazil Video uploadet by : YouTube user Ufohunter Original file label: Varginha Brazil Ufo 1996 (top ufo encounter!!!) Video source:

Brazil UFO Analysis by 411VIDS

Not sure where this video originated, but I found it here, — Very few UFO videos grab my attention, but this one deserved some analysis. Enjoy, comment, and subscribe please.

5/5 UFO Naut Radio – 2012 and Brazil releasing Ufo files

Aired Aug 17th 2010 Listen full shows http For latest UFO News and sightings http Get your UFO Naut Radio T-Shirts here http
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UFO footage from Brazil – for more ufo videos. A UFO filmed hovering of Sao Paulo Brazil. 2 January 1998.
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Triangle UFO over Copacabana, Brazil March 2008

March 2008 – Copacabana, Brazil Description link:
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This Just In!!! Ufo fleet off the coast of Brazil ..One explodes (Awesome footage)

Unexplained explosion off the coast of RIO in Brazil…September 22, 2010. Video was shot off a ship which was off the coast in Brazil. UFO Brazil Ship . The original poster is ZEEDER1000 direct inquiries there. I have joined the 5 UFO videos into one continuous segment. UFO explodes Brazil UFO exploding off coast of Brazil UFO Clusters UFO FLAP UFO 2010 MUFON BUFORA CSETI GREER UFO#1 , UFO#2 , UFO#3 , UFO#4 , UFO#5

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