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record breaking brick breaker

Top 25 TV Shows Based on The Borgia Stick, The Boss, The Botany of Desire, The Bounty Man, The Bourne Identity, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The Boy King, The Boy Who Drank Too Much, The Brady Bunch in the White House, The Brady Girls Get Married, The Bradys, The Brain: Our Universe Within, The Bravos, The Breed, The Bride in Black, The Broken Cord, The Brooke Ellison Story, The Brothers, The Bugaloos, The Bunker, The Bunny Years, The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan, The Burkittsville 7, The Burning Bed, The Cable Car Murder
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Pregnant Woman Water Breaking Prank! [[OFFICIAL VIDEO]]

SEEN ON WSHH!! My fiancehusband just got a camcorder and I warned him yesterday not to video record me.. he did and now… PAY BACK! I am currently 23wks (5 months) pregnant with our first child (A BOY)!! I PRANKED HIM into thinking my water broke and he goes BANANAZZ/Panicked/Freaked Out!

PRANK: Breaking Wall/Scaring Sarina #3

The breaking the wall prank and once again, a chance to scare Sarina.
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Teens play pranks and shit on sleeping kid after breaking into his house(blokheads)

Friends shit and play tricks on sleeping kid.
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SORRY. Universal decided to cut the sound out of my video… Anberlin Breaking- (Formerly titled “Bittersweet Memory” New Anberlin song! BRAND NEW ANBERLIN SONG PLAYED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN SEATTLE! From the forthcoming album, “New Surrender”. Played at a very small intimate acoustic show in the most incredible city of Seattle. (Home of such bands as Daphne Loves Derby, The Classic Crime, This Providence, The Fall of Troy, Gatsby’s American Dream, Acceptance (RIP), Kenny G, Search/Rescue, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, Death Cab for Cutie, Forgive Durden, Danger Radio, Man Without Wax, Emery, Brodie (really?), good ole Rocky Votalato, MxPX, and many, many more of your favorite bands (don’t forget all the 90s grunge, Jimi, Heart, etc!) If you haven’t listened to Anberlin before you DESPERATELY need to go to their myspace and listen to their songs. of course :-)
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Flip Breaking Don’t Get Me Down

Yeah so my flip died today…I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a discontinued item so I am the new owner of a kodak playsport. It is good that I had plenty of extra footage from yesterday!
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Best Scary Prank Ever! Breaking and Entering after watching paranormal activity

Best Scary Prank Ever! Breaking and Entering! We thought it would be good idea to pull a scary prank after two of our friends where returning home from watching Paranormal Activity 2, the two girls in the prank were pretty scared. They had no idea that we had been setting up this prank while they were gone. Their reactions are so funny and shocking, it’s a must see video! Weall love a good scare, and if you love pranks, scary videos and the weird strange or things that gone wrong, you’ve come to the right place. Panic Attack Videos offers scary videos, funny pranks and funniest bloopers. We love setting up our friends and family and capturing peoples awesome reactions on film for everyone to see. From scaring the crap out of their friends to making really spooky videos is the thing they enjoyed most. Laugh along to the hilarious reactions of people as they are caught off guard and everything is caught on video. Visit us @ _____________________________________________________________ See us on Facebook or Twitter and keep updated on our scary pranks, funny pranks and our crazy bloopers. We love to hear you scream See us on Twitter! http See us on Facebook! _____________________________________________________________ SCARY OR FUNNY PRANK IDEA! Do you have a scary or funny prank idea? Submit your idea to us by channel comment or email us at
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You have just shown to everyone viewing this, The Blue and Red Star Kachina (from Hopi Prophesy), The Dogon/Nommo/Neteru/Sirius Star System ( from Dogon Legend ), The Red Star is also known to others as PlanetX, Nemsis, Tyche, The Destroyer, The Red Kachina, Hercolubus, etc.. all in Relationship to both The Kolbin Bible, The Egyption Book of The Dead, The Book of Revelations ( King James Version of Course ) Many Blessing to You Paul L. Muckle
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BREAKING NEWS!! -Triple Threat Solar Flare Blasts Radiation Storm Toward Earth

A fastball of high-energy matter from the Sun is blasting toward the Earth and is expected to cause the largest solar radiation storm since 2005. Late last night, a solar flare caused a coronal mass ejection, or the release of a burst of charged particles, from the sun’s atmosphere, and it’s heading toward the Earth at 1400 miles per second, according to NASA. The concern is that a magnetic storm from the solar flare could affect GPS systems and some communications systems, especially in higher altitudes in the north. NASA estimates that the storm could reach the Earth’s magnetic field as early as tomorrow morning Eastern Time. “With the radiation storm in progress now, satellite operators could be experiencing trouble, and there are probably impacts as well to high frequency [radio] communications in polar regions,” Doug Biesecker, a physicist at the Space Weather Prediction Center, told the Washington Post. said the cloud that broke off from an active sun spot will deliver a “strong glancing blow” to the Earth’s magnetic field. Ranked an S3 event by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the radiation storm could mean such things as isolated reboots of Earth-orbiting satellites, according to Spacecraft are not expected to be launched during the event, and aircraft that travel in polar regions will be rerouted as well. So far, no impacts from the radiation storm have been noticed, and the Earth has seen stronger
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B and Not B – Breaking the Law (Immigrant Song) The law of identity says that B is B. The principle of contradiction says that B must be either B or not B. Therefore B can not be both… B and Not B. What you are about to watch may and may not have actually happened. B and Not B may and may not be: David Ricardo…….trumpet Dusty DiMercurio….. guitar Brad Robertson…..bass Dan Caporale….drums This video was and was not made by Brad Robertson — production, editing, and post. vandykepajama[at] with and without assistance from: Videography by: Dana Goldberg, Tory Ford, & Michael Pryfogle Stunt driving by: Esra Connell Special thanks to Led Zeppelin, Guerilla Rock, U-haul, Napa Auto Parts, marching bands, and immigrants everywhere.

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