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prune brothers and retards

Ever had a funny as f*ck movie made about you, don’t feel good, Imma do it
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Hidden Camera Fun with a Warner Brothers Tour

A group of unsuspecting people took a Warner Brothers tour… and had no idea they were walking into one of Ellen’s hidden camera pranks! Their tour guide was wearing an earpiece and could only say what Ellen told him to say!
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Junk Brothers – Epic Joel Osteen prank phone call part 1

Naked Brothers Band! Series 3 Ep 15

NEXT PART OF MINI MARATHON THING! MAKE SURE YOU READ EP 14 Polly:(comes back) ok I got the McDonalds Band:(grabs their food) Alex:bout time! Polly:riiight (walks away) Nat:wait, Allie, wasnt the wedding supposed to be like ages ago [AN=to be honest I forgot about the wedding…and when I said it was =P] Allie:yea but it was postponed Nat:oh well…when is it? Allie:idk?…like a month I think Thomas:yea about a month Nat:oh ok Alex:omg! we should have a sleepover on the actual set! Nat:yea that sounds awesome! BandExAllie:yea!! Nat:what about you Allie? Allie:yea but Im going out so I’ll be late Nat:where are you going? Allie:me and some of my friends are going to see the Hannah Montana movie Nat:oh ok ~Later that night on set~ Alex:what time is Allie supposed to be back at? Thomas:idk? David:sleepovers just arent the same without her Qaasim:yea Cooper:hey lets watch a scary movie David:oooh yea [Ok so they are watching a scary movie. Lets say…”When A Stranger Calls” Theyre already halfway through the movie] Alex:ok this is sooo scary Allie:(walks in) hey guys! Guys:(scream) AHH!!! Allie:ummm ok? David:oh thank God! its only Allie Thomas:how was the movie? Allie:awesome! Lucas Till takes off his shirt for like a few seconds!! Im definately gonna see it again! Nat:but its just Hannah Montana Allie:nuh uh! its Hannah Montana the MOVIE! theres a distinction! Alex:how come moo is spelt with two O’s but theres only one O in movie? EveryoneElse:(they just look at him) Alex
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Super Mario Brothers beat in 8 minutes

A plumber on an epic journey
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Pranking Brothers

This should actually be on cameranandmorgan, but i cant remember the username or password:P This was me and morgan pranking my brothers. Sorry about it being a little dark and the camera shots aren’t great, but it has cool prank ideas and I think it’s really funny:)

Jordin Sparks Tattoo at the Jonas Brothers Concert! 8/1/09

JORDIN SPARKS This is jordan Sprarks playing tattoo in Vegas at the jonas Brothers Concert! On 8/1/09 She did a Really good job! xD Please CRS- Comment, Rate, Subscribe! [c] Thank you xD
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21 Things Not To Do When Your Brother’s Girlfriend Comes Over

Or you could call it “21 Things To Make Sure You Do When Your Brother’s Girlfriend Comes Over” depending on the kind of brother you are. So we got a new camera and wanted to use it right away, and this is what we came up with.
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3 pranks to play on your brothers

dancediva846’s QuickCapture Video – January 17, 2009, 12:40 PM
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Jonas Brothers – Fine take your banana

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