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The Funny Bunch – Funny Video

We needed a new funny introduction to our funny videos. This was the best we could come up with. Anyways, the premise of this video is a Brady Bunch introduction spoof. Enjoy.

‘Gilligan’s Island,’ ‘Brady Bunch’ Creator Dies

Sherwood Schwartz, the man who created TV sitcoms like ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘The Brady Bunch’ has died. He was 94. (July 12)

Driving down the 101 flippin latino stations.. It’s just a bunch of goddamn beeping!

True. Living in Texas we get earfuls of lotsa Tejano music .. especially at flea markets.. and honestly, I like some of it, if it’s more Cuban-salsa (3%) than Accordion-Circus-Polka-Waltz (97%) .. However.. California is a different story.. flippin’ through the stations it does seem like more than half are hispanic stations — not that there’s anything wrong with thatâ„¢ … but this song.. seriously.

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